Saturday, October 29, 2011

Prayers Needed

Friends I hope that your Saturday has been a nice day and that all of you dealing with the snow are safe tonight.I will be keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers.Geez ,it is hard to believe that it is the time of year to be worrying about snow and ice.LOL !

Tonight I am asking all of you to please include a very special, sweet, lady and her husband in your prayers. I am sure that several of you know Kitty (Cheryl) from her blog ShabbyKat Primiitve's Blog .Kitty and her husband Jim have received some bad news this past week.Jim had surgery and has had a cancerous tumor removed,as many of you know Jim received a heart transplant two and half years ago.He will be having more test on Monday to see if the cancer has spread,we are praying that it has not yet .Please keep them both in your thoughts and prayers, they have already had to deal with so much in the last few years. I truly believe in the power of prayers and the healing that can happen because of them.So let's get  going  with those prayer chains  !

Stay safe my friends!Hugs,Jen

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A beautiful Fall day!

It is a beautiful Fall day here in Kentucky! There is not to much going on around the home place other than trying to get things ready for winter. I need to get the rabbits and the chickens  ready for the cooler temps that are expected  at the end of the week.I thought that it would be a good time to share some more of my Fall decorations.So grab  the drink of your choice and let's take a little walk around the living room.Hope that you enjoy, I have a few more displays that I haven't taken pics of yet.

This is an old wardrobe that I redid a few years back .I usually have the doors open and display things inside but decided to close them for a while.

Wanted to share a close up of the patina on the old wooden bowl.There is a worn place on the rim that just fits if you were to carry it resting on your hip. I love it! The lamp I purchased from Tricia over at Hillcrest Home Prims ,so be sure to check out all of her awesome goodies!

This sits on my fireplace mantle, I redid the wood chest and painted the plate.The candle , candle holder,and mat are from a dear friend in Virginia.

This is on top of my tv cupboard.The pheasant pic is done in crewel embroidery ,not by me though. The small orange pumpkin is one that I made from a gourd.

I made over the firkin bucket earlier in the year.

My wonderful doll that I won from Marie over at Primitives by Old Lady Morgan .If you don't already know Marie then please hop on over and check her out.What an awesome talented lady Marie is and she keeps us chuckling

I just had to share a close up of Millie!

This sits on an antique sewing table.Notice the chips ...I can't decide if I should paint it or leave it alone.LOL!

Susan from Bless Your Pea Pickin Heart blog sent me this sweet maple leaf dish last Fall.I added some of my wool acorns to it.If you don't know Susan then please check her blog out !She is a wonderful ,sweet lady and talented to boot.

I was trying to get a god pic of the little Fall pic is a favorite of mine.I think I found it at a flea market for a buck a few years ago.

This wall box  is actually a drawer from the wardrobe I shared in the first pic.It was broken so hubby made a new drawer for the wardrobe and I kept the old one and made a display box out of it.If my house ever caught on fire this would be one of the first things I'd grab.Crazy isn't it?

A very dear friend made me this beeswax bird medallion and I love it .It makes me smile every time I see it.I am so blessed to have two wonderful friends that are so talented in working with wax.LOL!

 The little nest is one that I found outside after a wind storm. Can you see the nylon string ? These little nests are such works of art.

More goodies from friends fill my old wooden trencher that rests on my coffee table.I painted the table with a folk art design years ago.

A close up of the pumpkins and goodies.

Well I hope that you had an enjoyable walk and that I did not loose you along the way.I have more that I will share later,don't want to scare you away with to many pics.Well I am off to start a project and just maybe a little lunch. Before I close though ,I really want to thank each one of you for the awesome comments that you left about my earlier post of  my Fall decor.I did not get the chance to reply to all of you but I did read and appreciate each comment! Have a blessed day my friends.Hugs,Jen

Friday, October 21, 2011

Finally finished

Good Friday afternoon friends.The sun is finally shining here once again and it feels great!Hubby and I ran errands this morning so I am just getting around to doing  this post. I just wanted to do a quick little post because I am so  happy to have finally finished a project.LOL! I had started this needle punch some time back but with everything else that is going on I finally got to finish it up a couple of nights ago.So here is  a pic of my Halloween needle punch all finished and made into a pillow.I used a piece of wool for the back and love how it turned out.

Have a great weekend everyone !Hugs and blessings,Jen

Thursday, October 20, 2011

A Wonderful Swap ! Caution this is a pic heavy post!

Good morning friends! I hope that where ever you are at that you are having an awesome day.It is cold and very windy here in Central Kentucky.The wind howled all night ,it is  a wonder that there are any leaves left on the trees.

I wanted to share an awesome swap that I did with my friend Roxanne.She does not have a blog but is known as Mrs.Smith on some of the forums.I have been blessed to call her friend for a few years now.Rox is a super sweet lady and oh so talented as you will soon see.Here are the pics of what I received ,yup  I did  a happy dance,when I opened the box!
 An awesome beeswax turkey.This smells amazing!
Two bags of her awesome salt dough bowl fillers.No one does salt dough better than Rox!
She made this cool prim pumpkin hanger.
Check out that candle mat and cool pumpkin can candle!

This  a prim dried sunflower swag!Love it!
 A bag of pumpkin shaped tarts!

This is another one of her beeswax goodies ,this time it is a pumpkin.It smells yummilious!
See I  told ya I was blessed!

This is what I sent for her ...
Rox has some pet cows so I painted her this gourd.
I needle punched this pumpkin and made a Fall  pillow tuck with it.

A wool acorn candle mat.

A wool acorn pin keep.

A wooden bowl full of Fall penny candy.

 Six prim pumpkin bowl fillers.
An cider candle and candle hugger.

And last of all a gourd and nut swag.

Well I am off to start a new project or two.We are slowly getting the craft room in shape.Tonight we should be hanging the cupboard doors.I hope that what ever you do today that you find joy in it.Hugs and blessings,Jen

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

It is begining to look a lot like Fall

Good Tuesday morning! It is beginning to look a lot like Fall here at the mouse house. The weather this morning certainly looks and feels like Fall so I thought I'd share a few pics of some of my displays around the house.I love the colors of Fall ,they are just so comforting to me .It is awe inspiring to watch how that nature's beauty is transformed by the cooler temperatures ,and I always strive to bring some of it indoors .So grab a cup of coffee or tea and come take a walk around the house with me.

This sits on top of my deep freezer .I am not crazy about having the freezer in the dining room but it was the only spot  I had for  it .The pumpkins are some I made and they are sitting in a antique tool caddy.

A close up view.

This is a   display that I made using goodies from some of my friends. It sits on top of my built in potato bin in the kitchen.

This is displayed in the dining room on top of my make do step back cabinet.

This is my dining room table display .I bought that beautiful coverlet from Tricia over at Hillcrest Home Prims and I love it.So if you are looking for some nice things check her out .

This hangs in the dining room .My buddy Teri sent me the Sweet Annie last year, the pumpkin is one I made from a gourd.

This is the settle hubby made me for my birthday one year.The tree is one that I made using a small Christmas  tree and gourds.

These are a few close ups of  the tree and it's ornies.

Love this basket and the big ole pumpkin!

Thanks for taking a little walk around my kitchen and dining room.I have more pics if you would like to see them .I made a few more displays and changed some of these up yesterday,so just let me know. There is still the living room to go.LOL! Have a great day my friends,may it be filled with happiness.Hugs,Jen

Thursday, October 6, 2011

A Happy Day!

Hello fellow bloggers ,I hope that you all have had a wonderful day. Here in Central Kentucky it was a beautiful Fall day with temps in the lower 80's .Didn't  think that the day could get any better but I was wrong.LOL! I received a sweet package from our very own LIL Raggedy Angie! I was the lucky winner of one of her out of the blue giveaways the other night as I was the first person to leave a comment on her blog.I got one of her sweet little witches and a bag of Godiva  caramel apple truffles!The witch is adorable and the chocolates are yummy! 

Please if you haven't checked out Angie's blog ,you need to,just click right here:Just A Lil Raggedy . Angie is a wonderfully talented lady that has a huge generous heart.Her life is getting a little more exciting as she will soon be moving ,and you don't want to miss all the plans she has for her new home.Thank you Angie for your generosity but most of all for your friendship! 

Hope that you all have a wonderful evening!Hugs,Jen

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Primitive At Heart Celebrates

Hey friends ,yeah I know long time no see,sorry about that but life happens and it is not always convenient .I promise to try and be a better blogger,sure hope that I haven't lost you all.

I wanted to tell you about a fun giveaway that Patti over at Primitive at Heart is hosting. She has reached a huge milestone with having reached 100th posts on her awesome blog. Woohoo Patti!! Here is where you can find out more about this awesome giveaway :PrimitiveAtHeart     
Congrats Patti!

Who would not want to win this gorgeous pumpkin jar? Better hurry on over.

Have a great evening !Hugs,Jen