Thursday, January 24, 2013

Woolie Love

Good Thursday afternoon friends.I am feeling a little woolie love today thanks Trace of Granny Trace Scraps & Squares!I am sure most of you already know sweet Trace but if you don't be sure to check her blog.Trace is a wonderful kind Christian woman that is a friend to all.She has a way of making you see the blessings in everything,lifting your spirits.Trace is also hosting 100 days of scripture,so wonderful to read.She recently had a woolie heart giveaway and I was blessed to win.I received her awesome package on Tuesday but just had not had the chance to get a  post up.So sorry about the delay! Trace asked which of the woolie hearts that I would like and I chose the one with friends stitched on the front,well not only did she send it but also included another woolie heart and some awesome heart buttons!I was so happy when I opened the mail and spied that package,it might have been cold as all get out but I was dancing.LOL!Here are the pics of my woolie hearts...

Thanks so much Trace!Receiving these wonderful hearts really made a bright spot in my week.Hugs my friend!

I would also like to say that if it seems that I am neglecting any of your blogs,please forgive me.Blogger is giving me fits...sometimes I can open the blogs and sometimes not,sometimes it will allow me to comment other times I can forget it.I have tried deleting blogs that are no longer active but I can not get them off my reading list.It is just plain aggravating!

As it always works out, if it is cold then the momma goats tend to have their babies,this frigid blast has been no different.Sure enough on the coldest day that we have had in two years the one goat that I always dread seeing have babies decided that Tuesday was the big day.This nanny can never decide if she is going to actually raise her babies or not.I think she gets angry because of the pain because usually I end up bottle feeding them.Well this time momma wanted her babies for the first day,then suddenly she was done,motherhood is not for her.She delivered two little girls,we lost the first one not long after birth and then yesterday she quit feeding the other one. It is now in the house and it is a gamble if it will survive or not,it seemed to be chilled when I brought her inside.She was damp and to be honest I think Buddy my Great Pyrenees had heard the baby crying and decided to try and help by washing her.If I did not like the momma goat so much I would find her a new home.If you wouldn't mind,  say a little prayer for the baby.Also while you are saying your prayers please include a very dear friend of mine and her husband in them.Her husband recently suffered a stroke.Thanks so much.

Well that is what has been occupying my time of late.I hope that you all are well and warm.My thoughts and prayers are with those that are still homeless on the East Coast from the terrible storms.Remember to hug those you love as our time together is precious.Big hugs and a Woolie grin(thanks Trace),Jen

Thursday, January 17, 2013

A few finished projects

 It is a cold dreary day here in Central Ky but the rain has finally stopped,thank goodness! I am grateful for the rain,just needing a break for a few days. The goat and chicken lots are just a sloppy, muddy mess,I am sure the animals are tired of having muddy feet.The ducks are the only animals that seem to be enjoying it.LOL! They are just to cute playing  in the  mud puddles.When I am out feeding I am slipping and sliding around,it is like trying to walk on glass.I am just waiting till I fall and bust my backside.It'll happen you just wait and see.LOL!

I thought that I 'd take some time this morning and share a few of the projects that I have finished.I was going to wait  till I had all the things I was working on finished but it is taking me to long.It is not that they are hard to complete but the days are to short.As you already have figured out I stink at expect several shots of the same project.

The first one is a cross stitch design that is a free pattern by .This is a wonderful stitching blog that offers many free patterns. The trim I  made from jute string and it has a homespun fabric for the back.

The next two are my own designs and are done with wool.I just love to work with wool,something about it just makes makes me smile.
A little dark but is shows the true  color better than the next two that were taken with the flash on..
Still need to practice on the feather stitch.
The next one is just a fun kind of heart.

I guess that wraps up today's show and tell segment,it is to be continued at a later date.LOL! Well that is if I ever finish the other ones.Think that I need to stop while I am able to anyway as blogger is being a pain! I am off  to get busy,hope that you all have a wonderful day!Blessings,Jen

Monday, January 14, 2013

Monday morning hello and a few pics

Hello my sweet blogging friends.It is my hope that you all are in good health and spirits.It has turned back to winter here in Central Kentucky.We had a week of wonderful temperatures that could have only been better if we had a bit less rain.The rain was a blessing too and I surely don't mean to sound as if I am complaining about it.

Hubby has gone back to work after being home all last week.He is the reason I am so behind on the goings on of my fellow blogging buddies.It seemed as if every time I sat down to read or do a post he was needing something,couldn't find something or  it was something completely off the wall.LOL! Yep, now that is a complaint.LOL! Love the man dearly but after repeatedly telling him that if he'd only return things to their right spot he could find it,I have decided he will never change.I am so grateful that he was able to return to work and hopefully this will be the end to him being laid off for a while.

This morning seemed like a good time to share the wonderful goodies that I received from my hubby for Christmas.With the warm temperatures last week I was finally able to get a finishing coat on one of my gifts.
Here is a pic of the gift when I unwrapped it..
Hubby made this for me and I was so surprised when I opened it.
I finished it with two colors of stain and a final coat using wax.

He also gave me a wonderful small rocker.I just love and wish it could tell talk because I am sure there would be lots of wonderful stories it could share.

That is  a metal rod that is between the  wood spindles.

The seat has been split but repaired with an old board underneath .

Notice the metal brackets that were used to fasten the arms to the back.Even though it looks dusty and dirty I have thoroughly cleaned it.LOL! Just a lot of great patina in my opinion.

I am off to check some blogs and clean the house.Be sure to check back in a couple of days as I have some finished projects to share.Be well and safe my friends! Blessings,Jen

Friday, January 4, 2013

BRRRR! It's cold out there

Good morning my friends.I hope that this day finds you all well and happy.It is cold out there this nose and cheeks were rosy colored by the time I finished feeding the critters.The next week is supposed to bring some temps in the 50's it sure won't seem  wintery. If we can't get snow, then cold go away we don't want you either.Sound like a pouting child this morning, guess you are seeing my true colors shining through. LOL!Maybe with the warmer temps my Christmas gift from hubby can be finished.

A big welcome to all my new followers.It is a pleasure to have you all along.I would never have believed that anyone would want to read anything I had to say so I am amazed to have so many followers.If I can ever help any of you please just send me an email.Thank you for your friendship.

As some of you know,I love cross stitching but  just never mastered it. I had tried several years ago but failed at it miserably.The Aida fabric had stayed stashed away ever since,just couldn't toss it out.Someday I will give it another go is what I kept telling myself. That day came when sweet Pam over at Our Pioneer Homestead offered some free Christmas charts. Please keep Pam in your thoughts and prayers as she is dealing with some health issues! You can read more about the problems on her blog.She is such a sweet,creative lady.Thank you so much Pam for sharing those charts!  I was sick with the stomach flu and didn't feel like doing much but my hands needed to be busy and the charts looked simple enough so I tried it.

This was my first attempt a little wonky but hey I stitched something!I also learned a lesson...don't use full strength homemade walnut dye on light colored thread.Oops!

#2 attempt is a bit better....

Now the rest of these are free charts from other wonderful ladies out in blog land..
 attempt #3
attempt #4
Not perfect but sure is fun to try.

These last pics are gifts that I made for my momma and sis.I was sitting here moping because I had not finished my Christmas shopping before the bug hit and wasn't sure it would be finished, so I decided to do this for them.I had never missed giving my momma something for Christmas and it was breaking my heart to think that I wouldn't have anything for this past Christmas.I am kind of nutty about it,hubby would have went and picked up something but I wanted to do it.Silly, I know but hey I never claimed to be completely reasonable.It worked out in the end because I managed to go shopping for an hour and still had my homemade gifts finished.Honestly they  enjoyed the homemade ones the best.I told them that  I was doing an old fashioned Christmas when I handed over the packages.I gift wrapped the items with fabric and tied it up with jute string. The gift wrapping turned out to be a part of their gifts.Momma got such a kick out of it.
This one is what I made for my sis,she loves birds.

A closeup of the cross stitched piece.
For momma,she grows orchids and loves flowers.
A closeup of her cross stitched piece..
I love making the strawberry pin keeps.The needlebooks were a new thing for me but they came out ok I think.

I am so grateful that I did not give up trying.I have a very long way to go but I am willing to work at it. I have been doing it less than a month. Someday it is my dream to do a large  sampler to hang on my wall.My hat is off to all of you talented ladies that do such beautiful stitching.You are an inspiration to me and so many others.Friends such as Shirlee,Ronda, and Robin to name just few,blow me away with their talent. Thank you  for sharing your work! Please check out their blogs and you will see why I am in awe. Please keep Shirlee and Ronda in your prayers as they both have not been feeling well.If anyone would like to know where to find the other charts email me and I will look it up for you.I am sorry that I did not have the info at hand.

I guess I should wrap this post up,hope it hasn't been to boring just wanted to share my blessing with you.I feel it  is a blessing not to have  given up and to have the Lord help  guide my stitches,without Him I am nothing. Hubby has been laid off for next week so it is sure to be a busy one. Have a wonderful weekend!Hug your loved ones and share kindness today. Blessings,Jen