Monday, March 31, 2014

A beautiful day and win

Good morning all ,I hope that this post finds you all well and happy.Can you believe that today is the last day of March? Where in the world does time escape to anymore? The sun is shining here and the temps are warming up.We are expecting temps in the 70's this week.Can I get a hooray ! I am so excited to think that I might just get to start clearing my flower gardens off soon.The above pic was taken on 3-18-14.Like a kid watching cookies bake in the oven I have been waiting for this to happen....
Finally happened this morning.LOL!

Now that you have seen those pretties let me share with you another one....

Isn't it gorgeous!!!!! I was the blessed person to win this beautiful postcard from Debbie of Woolensails.It never ceases to amaze me at the talent out in the blogging world!Debbie has a big heart and so much awesome talent,she sews, needle punches,paints and designs her own patterns.Debbie painted  Frakturs several years ago and sold them on Ebay,she really should start it once more.I am sure that I have left stuff off the list but if you will check her blog out you will learn more about her.Please stop by and say hello.
 As soon as I received my beautiful postcard,I knew it had to be framed.So I dug around in my collection of frames and found one that would work.Never being able to leave things alone I pulled out my paints and started painting.LOL! Here is the end result...
closeup of frame
I am so thankful to own of Debbie's Fraktur designs.Thank you so much Debbie! It is one of my most treasured possessions. 

Well I am off to finish a few March projects and will be back soon to share them with you all.May God bless each of you.Sunshine and hugs,Jen

Friday, March 7, 2014

Long time no blogging...

Sorry friends,I was surprised when I realized how long it has been since I last did a blog post.Time sure gets away from me anymore.Things have been busy with the cold temps and the last winter storm which gave us snow and ice. I am like most everyone else and holding my breath for Spring.The weather is nicer here today and the snow is melting pretty fast.It  does make for  hazardous walking though,just ask my poor aching body.I took a spill this morning while out feeding,landed flat on my back and banged my head against the ice.LOL! I knew it was a good thing that I am so hard headed.Hope that everyone is doingwell and staying warm.Here at home, I have been battling a stomach bug for the last three weeks or so,I think it is over but then it knocks me down again.Hubs has been fighting a rough cold.

I want to take the time to say hello and welcome to my new followers.I am so happy and honored to have you following my little blog.To all those folks that left comments on my last post,thanks so much for all of your sweet comments.I did try and reply but my email was doing weird things and I finally threw my hands up in the air and quit trying.I was afraid that I might send some bug or something to you.

This is one of the things that has been keeping me busy.I apologize about the poor pictures but she just would not be still.She is hopefully going to be going back outside this weekend or the beginning of next week.She is a super sweet little goat.Folks may I introduce Penny......

I will try and get a better pic when I take her outside.She was wanting to run and play this morning.

I have been dreaming of warmer days and long walks in the woods.All that thinking has made me want to work on a few Spring goodies. Even though I have been sick I still have managed to do a few things,so stick around if you would like to join in my show and tell.

My first project was a few wool eggs.I used a pattern from Keri of Calico Rabbit and changed it up a bit to make it my own.The rabbit was her patten but the nest and basket of flowers are my designs.It is a fun egg to make and so easy.
The next is a cross stitch design by subrosa,it is a really sweet design and fun to stitch.
Another  project was cross stitch design that was offered free  by took certain areas of the design to make a small cupboard tuck .I also added the wool strawberry.It turned out kind of cute.I plan on displaying it with  bowl of wool strawberries,just haven't had time to make them yet.LOL!

Keeping with the strawberry theme is another strawberry that I punched using yarn and the oxford #10 punch needle.It looks like wool and is a large one at 7 inches long.LOL!
Front side and with flash on.

Back side and no flash ,it is a really pretty prim color in life.

It just would not be me if I did  not have a few needle punched pieces too.The next projects are all my designs as is the above punched strawberry.

I made this pillow by first punching the rabbit and then adding it to the wool background with the coordinating wool pennies.I then did the feather stitch to hide the seams where I added the wool strips around the rabbit background.
 Closeup of the punched rabbit and yep another wool strawberry.  

The next piece is one that I calls Spring out to me.I mounted it on a whale tail hornbook that I cut and painted.
I did use a lot of my overdyed floss in this piece.It was a fun whimsical  project.I did not want everything perfect so I just added the pennies randomly as I punched it.

Last project is one that drove me nuts! I still am not satisfied with it but called it quits,the thing almost went in the garbage can several times.
It is not as bright as it appears and I used mostly overdyed floss in this design.It is hard to see but the smallest bunny in the design is holding a flower.
Last but not least of all is the best picture! 

When I see these sweethearts I know that it will not be long till I am out enjoying the warm Spring sunshine.It was a long post and for that I apologize but I am trying to catch up and will in the coming days be catching up with all of you as well.For some reason I am having problems commenting on some of the blogs I follow using bloglovin.Is anyone else having that kind of problem.It is mainly blogs that open up a new page for you to leave your comment,any help would be wonderful.
Have a wonderful day and weekend friends!Be blessed,Jen