Sunday, May 29, 2011

Kindness gift

I received an awesome gift in the mail yesterday from my sweet friend Jody. Jody and I have never met in person but have become friends on some of the primitive forums .She is a very sweet lady and very talented in crafting .Back last year she found this cute little folding stool and I commented that I'd love to have one .Well she found another one at a garage sale and bought it for me .I was speechless when I saw what was in my package and so very happy ! While I love and will keep my little stool forever the real treasure is the friendship behind this kind and thoughtful gesture! Thank you so much Jody !

After returning home from church this morning hubs noticed that this little fellow had hitched a ride inside the door jam. So very glad he made it safely and was not squished by the door. I caught him and put him in a maple tree by our drive.

Watermelon anyone ?

I wanted to share one of my gourd crafts with you.I took a long gourd ,cut it lengthwise ,added paper mache and after a few days I painted it like a watermelon .

The back side :

Thanks  to all the folks following along for the ride ! It means a lot to know that you take the time to check in . Hugs ,Jen

P.S.I'll get the picture thingy figured out soon ,I hope .LOL!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Happy Memorial Day Weekend

Just wanted to take a moment and wish each of you a happy and safe Memorial Day weekend. Let us not forget those that gave us the freedom that we enjoy daily.

 I was also wondering  if I  am the only one having a problem seeing their followers.Thought maybe I had a made a big Uh Oh and did not even realize it.Hugs,Jen

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

New arrivals and a house guest...

Before I begin to explain the title of this post I  want to touch on another subject. It is hard to be jovial when so much of our wonderful country is facing such turmoil .It has saddened me to the core to see the death and destruction brought by so many horrible storms. My thoughts and prayers are with all dealing with this unbelievable hurt. May the Lord bring you strength and comfort in the days and months ahead. 

Now on to the house guest ,no it is not in-laws , not even my sis ... but has to do  with the new arrival . As many of my friends already know I raise pygmy goats. Most of my babies were born several months back and mind you I was doing the happy dance that I had no bottle babies this winter. However being grateful does not alter the fact that things change quickly on a farm . I had a new baby that mom would not even look at after the birth was over so that became my bottle baby. Blossom is now three weeks of age and so that leaves me another five weeks of being mom to her.

Now for the new arrival and my  other house guest.When I went to feed yesterday afternoon I had a nice surprise. I had two new babies and both were females. I was happy till I realized that mom only wanted one of the two so now you know how I ended up with  two guests .
This is the momma and sis to my house guest.Below is a pic of the new baby any suggestions for a name?
They are staying in craft room till all the rain and cooler night temps are over ,besides it is easier to do the nightly feeding if they are in the house at night. LOL! 

Just wanted to share a little of my week with you all .Many blessings,Jen

Monday, May 23, 2011

My first post .

Hey out there in blog land ,thought I 'd join in the fun and start my own blog. I am a country girl with a love of all things prim . I spend my days looking after my family and my animals and not always in that order.LOL!  

I love to spend any extra time I have visiting with friends online , crafting or reading. Now that warmer weather is here I hope to be doing a lot of different makeovers that I can share with you all.  I am sure to be sharing pics of my critters with you too,hope that you won't mind.

Please be patient with me as I learn my way around having a blog. I will do my best to post often with a lot of my crafts and prim decorating  hopefully that you all will enjoy it.