Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Jitterbug and My Thanks

The jitterbug was what I was doing yesterday when I opened up my mailbox! Now  notice,I did not say it was pretty  but I  was  dancing and a squealing because that sweet Mr.Mailman left a package in my box from Carol of Buttermilk Creek Farm.Folks,you need to skip on over to Carol's wonderful blog and check out all of her amazing creations!  She is a wonderful person and a true artisan. Let me just tell you the dance I was doing at the mailbox  was nothing compared to what happened when I opened up the box!I just about gave my poor momma a heart attack ,I was so excited.As  many of you know already I was blessed to win Carol's recent giveaway celebrating her blog anniversary!!!I have long admired Carol's mouse creations,as you all know she is extremely talented.Folks until you have held one of her mouse friends in your hands you really have no idea the detail that she puts into one of her creations! Miss Milly is just lovely and something I will treasure forever! Carol was beyond generous and included a bag of grubby eggs and a yummy smelling pantry cake as well as Miss Milly.Thank you so much Carol! 

Please forgive my photographic skills because the pics just do not do Carol's creations justice.Miss Milly is adorable!!

My yummy smelling tart and sweet note from Carol.Loved the bunny  notepaper.

Grubby eggs and the sweet bunny tag! We all know I love me some bunnies!

Thank you Carol for the wonderful ,amazing goodies! 

Well today has been spent running errands and taking care of hubby's optometrist appointment.One of the errands was stopping at the feed store because the critters all have to have full tummies or they are not happy.LOL! It just wasn't to smart of hubby to let me tag  along ,because you know with Easter this weekend that there were cages of bunnies and chicks everywhere.LOL! Do you see where this is going? Yeppers ,I am richer one bunny this afternoon.Hubby just shook his head and kept muttering I should have left you at home.Giggles. In my defense he should be thankful because the cage was full and I stopped at only one.LOL! We are having a bit of a cool snap so when it warms up a bit I will share some pics of my new  little addition.

I am going to say good afternoon and go find some Benadryl because I managed to get myself a case of poison ivy and I am a might itchy...okay a lot itchy and a bit cranky.May you all have a blessed and Happy Easter! Spring Blessings,Jen

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

My thanks and a wonderful win!

Good sunny Tuesday friends!It  has been a beautiful couple of days here in the Bluegrass State.Yesterday was a busy one for sure.I mowed my lawn ,mommas lawn ,trimmed mine and still need to use the weed eater at momma's .On top of that there I had  6 loads of laundry and three chicken pens /houses that I cleaned .I was so tired by the evening that I could barely keep my eyes open.LOL! I did manage to watch the basketball game last night between UK and Kansas,it was definitely an interesting game! Congrats to the Wildcats and also to Kansas !Kansas may not have won the championship but they are winners in my book ,just to have made it so far!I am very proud of the Kentucky Wildcats!

A big thanks to all of you that have been praying for my mom!We finally received the results back and praise the Lord she does not have an infection in her heart. That meant we went for more blood work that also came back good so now both doctors are pretty puzzled over her condition.We return to the cardiologist on the 20th and will see where it all will go from there.I so appreciate you all for the well wishes and prayers! My momma is a  pretty special person in my life.

While yesterday may have been busy and tiring it was exciting too.As many of you know I was blessed to win Trace's giveaway recently and oh did she spoil me! If you are not familiar with Trace please check her blog out Granny Trace Scraps& Squares.She is a wonderful blogger and is just a super special person.She never fails to share her joy with the world and has uplifted me many times since becoming her friend! Now you take her special spirit and throw in her talents and  what a wonderful mixture you get in the end!
 Here are the goodies I received ,wish I had before pics because Trace had it all wrapped up so pretty but I was excited so there are no pretty wrapped goodies to share.Sorry!
Some of her woolie chicks...they are adorable!

A wonderful chicken towel!

A wonderful bunny mat on burlap and trimmed in beautiful fabric!This thing is huge and check out those cute  flower buttons!

A yummy smelling Yankee votive and a sweet friendship card!I told  ya she spoiled me !!! She did a wonderful job on it all and I love every thing that she sent!My thanks Trace for such a wonderful package of goodies and your friendship !It made my week!

I thought I'd share where I placed my goodies from Trace as well.I decided to make a Spring display on the bar in the kitchen and I have to say it makes me smile every time I pass by it.
Here is a closeup of those cute woolie chicks.I put them in the bowl with the eggs that I made using a tutorial that Teri shared a while back on her blog White Sheep Farm ,they look so cute together .

I know that I am probably overloading you with the pics today but I wanted to share the egg that I made from the kit I won from Keri at Calico Rabbit. I made  the one from the kit and one that from my own stash of wool .I confess to being nervous of doing the feather stitch along the edge as I had never attempted it before this project.So I practiced first on the egg from my stash.LOL!This is the one from the kit...
 This is the one from my stash...
And this is how I displayed them...
 They were so fun to make and you can find the pattern and instructions in the Spring issue of Mercantile Gatherings  magazine.Thanks again Keri!

I am going to call it the end because blogger is driving me nuts! Is anyone else having problems with loading your pics and posting?? It has taken me close to an hour and half to load my pics and get the correct ones in the right spot.Remember to be kind to one another and share a smile.Have a blessed day!Spring blessings,Jen