Saturday, November 23, 2013

Fall Finishes

Good morning dear friends,hope that this day finds you smiling and in good cheer. Are you getting ready for turkey day? I shall head out to do my grocery shopping later on today , my list is  almost ready to go. I want to thank each of you that has left a comment on my last post,it means a lot that you take the time to read and leave me your thoughts. I so appreciate them,however due to some computer issues I have not been able to respond but will once the problem is lined out.

Since Thanksgiving is almost at hand I wanted to share a few new Fall pieces that I finished amongst the chaos of my life.It is always fun to create something new to display  for the seasons.I had a few more ideas but really didn't have the time to see them through. Maybe next year.LOL! 

The first piece is a large punch needle design that I call "Pumpkin Hill" .It is my design and punched using a variety of floss and perle cotton .

I also punched this little acorn ,again my design and punched with a variety of floss and perle cotton.

Thought it was cute tucked in my old nail keg.

I have had this candle forever.I liked the shape of the glass container but not the color of the candle(it was a gift)so I decided to make a candle wrap for it .I used wool and thought it turned out okay.

 Don't you just love Carol's mice? I am so blessed to own one,hope to add to my collection a little later on.LOL!

The last one is a cross stitch piece and for the life of me I can't remember the designer.I am so sorry but if I can find it I will give credit where it is due.
I displayed it on this little shelf thingy( I am so proper, heehee) next to a wonderful candle holder that was a birthday gift from a dear friend.
Well that is all the show and tell for today.Not a lot of projects completed but it was my get away when I could squeeze in a moment or two.May each of you have a happy weekend.Blessings,Jen

Thursday, November 21, 2013


While my blog has been dormant I have thought of my many blog friends often.Life has a way of getting in the way of the best laid plans.As we all know, crap(sorry to offend) happens is a phrase that is brandished about  many times.Well if crap happens then my life has had a serious virus of late.LOL! But it all has worked out,it just made for a very stress and work filled six months or so.

So  you can  understand that my  blog absence was not just my being neglectful,I will try to explain some  of the issues.In the early days of Spring, my chicken pen was raided by a group of coons and opossums.In one night alone they killed roughly 40 birds.They killed  the chickens  and ducks then took them to the top of the chicken house intending to return at night to finish eating them.I know this because we set out traps to catch them along with a camera..The animals we caught were not harmed but relocated to another area where they would not cause anymore damage.Even though I was angry I realized that they were only doing what comes natural to them.I fed and watered them while they were waiting to be transported.This has meant that each night I must catch and cage the remaining birds.It takes extra time each day to do this chore.

As some of you know  my son and his girlfriend have been living with us the last few years.They purchased a mobile home last year and it sits on our property.They decided  then to save their money so that they could pay as they go to have the septic ,electric ,and water hooked up since it is an expensive process..It was decided that this summer was the time to start getting their home ready for them to move.Hubby and I decided to save them some money that they could hook up to our well.That meant a 134 foot long ditch needed to be dug.The kids decided ,hey that is not so far lets do it by hand ,boy did they learn a lesson and get  a few blisters.Hubby and I helped of course and even though it was extremely hard we let  them do it so that they could learn that not everything comes easy in life.It took four days but we all felt proud when it was finished.Hubby and son hooked up the water to find that the pipes had all burst.This meant that hubby and I had to replace every water line in the home.Hubs was laid off work so we worked on it while my son and his girlfriend were at work.Finally after several weeks the  septic,electric and water were all hooked up and they are now living contently in their own home!Samantha(girlfriend) started a new and wonderful job in the midst of trying to move.I am so proud of them both.Best news of all ....they have became engaged!!!! I am one happy momma!

The next saga begins in the life of a country mouse...
The kids are moved out.Hubby and I decide to go in their old bedroom to start cleaning and make plans to remodel it next Spring to make it into a master bedroom for us.It has been the plan ever since our son was small.We gave him the largest bedroom as we had the rest of the house.We are in there discussing and hubby pulls up the carpet in one corner and oh no is what I hear.What is wrong ? Mold is the answer! Yes, my home has become infected with mold! It has been beyond horrible.We had to take that one room completely apart and I mean completely apart.The walls were stripped bare, the sub floor taken up ,insulation had to be replaced.Everything was a mess.It was only the start of our troubles.. we have found it in other places as well.We are slowly but steadily working to clean the entire house and replace the things that need it .Hubby has  been spraying mold killer and a preventive on the underneath of the house using the crawlspace.Right in the middle of all this our well pump went out so that had to be replaced as well.But as a friend once told me I  find a way to laugh about it.While I laughed outside there have been times that inside I have been crying . The stress has been heavy and the work hard  but we have made it through the worst of  it.God continues to bless us no matter how bad things may look and feel.As long as I continue to remember that then I will continue to laugh.

Sorry about the long post but I just wanted to explain where I have been the last several months. A horrible blogger I am, but my thoughts and prayers have continued to be with you all.I am hopeful that in the coming days that I can play catch up on your blogs.I have missed my blogger friends.Blessings,Jen