Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day!

Good morning friends, I wanted to pop in and wish each of you a safe and happy Valentine's Day!Do you have exciting plans for today? Hubby and I will be spending a quiet evening together,no major plans. Since today is heart day it seemed a good time to share the hearts that are out and about in the mouse house.Don't worry there are not that many this year.LOL!

A little hooked mat

One of my first punched projects.

My new punched lantern and a wool heart.

A better view of the heart.

Display on the dry sink.
Woolie heart from our woolie girl Trace!

Trencher display in the living room.

A close up view

In the living room

A closer look

Punched piece on the fireplace.
Last display in the living room.

A wool heart next to my old leather covered horse.

See I told you it would not take long.LOL! I also wanted to mention those folks dealing with the latest winter storm, please remember them in your prayers.It has been a memorable winter for most everyone and hopefully we will all soon see the end of it.I have been noticing a few of the birds that usually appear around Spring time,out in the yard.Yesterday was a really nice day for us locally,Gretchen and I spent some time sitting on the deck.Today we are expecting some minor snow,but I will not complain as it could be so much worse. Next week the weather people  are  saying we will have 60 + temperatures, hoping that they are correct.

Friends it is time to go and feed the goats and chickens,if I am late I will hear all about it when I go in the barn.LOL! So let's go feed and then come back in to bake some Amish Cinnamon bread. Yum!Happy Valentine's  Day friends! Be blessed,Jen

Monday, February 10, 2014

A few finishes....finally

Good evening friends, it has been a couple of weeks since my last post although it really feels longer.Two weeks ago was a busy one for us.My son and his fiancee went to Cancun,Mexico for six days so that meant that hubby and I needed to make two trips to Nashville, the airport.It was the first time that either one had flown or been out of the country.Being me,I was nervous and stressed about their trip,but I was happy at the same time, as it was such an adventure for them.It was freezing here and they sat on the beach enjoying the 80 + degree temperatures,we should have jumped in their pockets. LOL!The kids had a blast and can't wait to be able to go back for another visit.

Last week much of my time was spent at the goat barn because as it always happens when the weather is horrible the mommas start having their babies.Last year was rough or so I thought but honestly this has been my worst year for losing babies.It has been horrible and so sad for me as well as the mother goats.It breaks my heart to hear them crying for their lost babies.While this may all be a part of nature it is a side that I absolutely  hate.Each of my momma goats have their own stall with a heat lamp but this year it just didn't seem to matter. On a happier note, I do have a visitor(baby goat) in the house,I will try and get a picture of her soon.She is a sweetheart and has really not been to much trouble so far.
Even though I have been crazy busy lately I have been able to finish a few things.Actually some of these have been finished for a while,just couldn't get the time to post them.
Remember me talking about my first big cross stitch project? Well it isn't 2015 and the stitching is finished (it has been for three weeks or more),yes I am tickled.It may not be considered large compared to a more seasoned stitcher's project but for me it was a huge undertaking.Don't look to close because there are mistakes but I am still proud of it.LOL! It is not completely finished but after spending hours in the barn, going shopping ,in the cold, to look for a frame was not high on my list of to do things.

Fruit for a song by With Thy Needle and Thread

The next one is a punch needle design by me .The heart was punched on the number one setting and then  hand sewn to the wool background.

The colors are more muted and prim than they appear in the picture.

The next one is another cross stitch piece that I made into a pillow.
It is another With Thy Needle and Thread pattern,I just used certain parts of it to make this pillow.It is my next "big "project.Here is a closer pic. 

Now for another punch needle piece,this is again my design that is punched on the number one setting with my overdyed floss.The first picture is with the flash ,the second one shows the colors more true .

Last but not least of all is another cross stitch piece. I made this one into a pillow as well.Please overlook the feathers  ,they are only there to show that there is a pocket .Any ideas of what I should put in it ?? I  used a ticking fabric to make this  pillow,love how it turned out.
Well that ends my show and tell for tonight.LOL! I hope to be able to catch up on everyone's blogs in the next couple of days. Of course there are a few more projects in the works so I will be back to share them as well .After supper tonight I found myself in the craft room cutting out wool and thinking of Spring projects.There is a new  punch needle design waiting to be drawn on weavers cloth hopefully  it will get started by the end of the week. To my new followers a big hearty welcome,so happy to have you!!
Stay warm and be blessed my friends.Jen