Sunday, May 29, 2011

Kindness gift

I received an awesome gift in the mail yesterday from my sweet friend Jody. Jody and I have never met in person but have become friends on some of the primitive forums .She is a very sweet lady and very talented in crafting .Back last year she found this cute little folding stool and I commented that I'd love to have one .Well she found another one at a garage sale and bought it for me .I was speechless when I saw what was in my package and so very happy ! While I love and will keep my little stool forever the real treasure is the friendship behind this kind and thoughtful gesture! Thank you so much Jody !

After returning home from church this morning hubs noticed that this little fellow had hitched a ride inside the door jam. So very glad he made it safely and was not squished by the door. I caught him and put him in a maple tree by our drive.

Watermelon anyone ?

I wanted to share one of my gourd crafts with you.I took a long gourd ,cut it lengthwise ,added paper mache and after a few days I painted it like a watermelon .

The back side :

Thanks  to all the folks following along for the ride ! It means a lot to know that you take the time to check in . Hugs ,Jen

P.S.I'll get the picture thingy figured out soon ,I hope .LOL!


Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

It's always great to meet new bloggers.
The baby goats/kids are adorable. I have long desired to have 3 or more of those but hubby says they are too much mischief and would eat all my flowers. We live in a small town and critters are commonplace but we have 9 mini dachshunds that rule the roost. I can't even have a cat!
Was the gourd dried before you did your magic to it?
Love the little stool and you gotta love a friend that understands your 'needs'! lol
Those little tree frogs love our rain barrel! I love listening to them sing at night!
Come by any time. Always nice to hear from a new friend!
Please check out my sidebar for my tips to make a blog reader friendly--easy to do tips!

Karen/My Colonial Home said...

Hi Jennifer,
I hope I can comment we all know it's giving us fits!
THANKS FOR VISITING MY BLOG YESTERDAY...I really appreciate your comments.

How absolutely sweet of Jody to send the stool to you...that's what forums and blogging is all about isn't it...FRIENDSHIP and knowing each other and doing little special things for them 'just because'.
Great friends have been made through these outlets and I for one have made many, many friends - most of which I will never see but they are still dear to me.

Goodness I hope little froggy there didn't leave a passle of babies back where he hitched his ride! But I'm sure he (she) will find a wonderful new home near you.

Could that Watermelon be more real looking???? How cool is that!

Have a wonderful rest of the holiday weekend.


Karen/My Colonial Home said...

OMGOSH I tried many, many times to get the previous comment posted - it just kept taking me back to the sign it does for most of us.

This time I UNCHECKED the KEEP ME SIGNED IN box and WALLA...I'm in!!!!!


cottageprims said...

Prim friends are always so thoughtfull! Love the gourd watermelon,perfect for summer.Thanks for visting me too.I just became a follower.Warm Blessings!~Amy

jennifer768 said...

Finally I can post on my blog.
Linda you asked about the gourd,yes it was dry before I did anything with it.

Sue said...

What you did with the gourd is so clever. It turned out perfect. I hope this will go through, have been unable to comment recently. Thought it was only me but now see others are having the same problem. It really irks me when you really want to comment, don't have much time to do it and then they ask you to sign again & again.
Hope to see a lot of you.