Thursday, September 15, 2011

Good Afternoon and a sneak peek

Hello and a good afternoon to all of you! Fall certainly is in the air today. It is a cool,damp day but I am enjoying it .The old crock pot is making the house smell so warm and comforting with the aroma of my homemade beef stew. I will be serving it up with some fresh baked sourdough bread.Yummy! Love good home cooked meals! It has been a while since I made a post but life has been crazy busy here at the home place. Hubby and I are still trying to work at getting the craft room finished. We are making custom cabinets and such and it takes time when one  (okay me) can't seem to make up their  mind as to what  they want and where they want it! 

Hubby is good at woodworking and he designed and built me a fantastic cabinet for my craft paints! I love it! We decided to stain and poly the inside in case of any paint spills .We thought or maybe hoped is the better word that spilled paint would come up easier from polyurethaned wood. Maybe I will be blessed and never find out if we were right or wrong.LOL! Thought that I would share a sneak peek at the cabinet with you all today.The pics are not the greatest because of how the layout is in the room ,it made getting a full shot almost impossible.

This just show the paneled bead board door that he made for the cabinet.

This is a shelf that he made on the backside of the door.I use it to hold my mediums,pigment paints and special paints.

This is the inside of the cabinet where I keep the rest of the paints.The top shelf holds my duplicate colors and the other 6 shelves are sorted by color family.I made tiny labels with the name of each color of paint for the bottom of each bottle.Whew ,but that took some time! LOL! I do need to restock but I love how they are organized now.Thank you hubby!

Do you want to know if you are getting old? Yes ,well then I suggest you watch my great nephew for a bit and you will have your answer.Gee whiz ,I don't remember my child being so full of energy! My mom calls him Tornado Alex.The child has to pick up everything he sees,and is so hard to keep in one place for two minutes.Yep I am getting old! I am ready for  a nap after chasing him for an hour.LOL! He is a sweetie ,even though I can not keep up.
 Alex ,at Grannies house ,discovering a few new toys Aunt Jen bought him . Think this was the longest he ever sat still. 

Maddy his baby sister.Sorry about the photo ...I was trying to hold her and get a pic. 
These two bundles of joy are my next door neighbors and Alex certainly keeps us all on our toes.It has been a long time since my home had to be child proofed but it slowly happening.Smile.

Well I am off to check on the beef stew and to wait for hubby to get off work.May your days be full of happiness!Hugs,Jen



You are so lucky that your hubby can build your cabinets, I want to redo my craft room, but will have to make do with bought ones. Have fun with the little ones.

Angela said...

Hi Jen, Love the cabinet for your paints,,, and girl you have got lots of paint! Those kids are precious. And I know from Darbee Rae, I am getting older every day.(giggle) Hard to keep up with those little ones. I am still waiting on cooler temps here in Ga. There is a promise for the weekend. Beef stew sounds great. Take care

Silvia said...

You so lucky to have someone to build you things like that. I am still waiting for my Partner to put 3 blocks of wood together for me!!!!

Hillcresthome Prims said...

Jen, WOOOOOO you have alot of paints, it looks like a craft shop, to go in and buy paints. Did you buy the store out, LOL!!!

The kiddo's are SOOOO sweet and cute, I could pinch their cheeks. So you do it for me!

Love and Hugs,

TheCrankyCrow said...

You win. Not sure who your competition is, but you win. Even the craft stores here in Nod don't have that much paint in one place!!! Holy bottles of paint!!! Love the cabinet - paint perfect. That room is going to be awesome...and you know what they say....anything worth doing, is worth doing right....looks like you're going down the "right" path! And mmmmmm that stew smells all kinds of good!! Enjoy! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

earlene said...

I love to cook crock pot meals! Ready when I get home from work and the house smells wonderful. I bet yours was very yummy, that sour dough bread too.

Lois--Huckleberry Lady said...

Jen, I think you have me beat in the paint category!!!!! Nice hubby can build things for you.
Aren't those crock pot meals nice??


Angie Berry said...

Mmm... homemade beef stew with sourdough bread sounds so yummy!!

What an incredible paint bottle collection! I have never seen so much besides at the store, lol. But you do paint a lot and I'm sure you go through it rather quick. I love the cabinet hubby built for you, it is awesome! Smart of him to put shelves on the door for the "others". I'm sure labeling them all took like seemed forever, lol. But you will be so glad you took the time!

Cute little kids and yes, they can wear you out pretty darn quick... I know all too well. =]

Enjoy the stew~

Brenda said...

Love the paint cabinet Jennifer!!


Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

Stew sounds great! I made a pork roast for carnitas the other day. It is nice to be able to cook these cool days. Looking forward to chili!
That's a lot of paint! My goodness!
Love your gourds--look great!
I planted a bird house gourd this year and I counted 16 big ones! I can't wait to see how well they will dry!
Warmest autumn blessings,

Kerin said...

Love the custom cabinet that your hubby is making for you! You have more paint than our local wal-mart has :)
Have a great weekend!

renee said...

Oh my gosh Jen! LOL! I thought I had a lot of paints, but I am not sure! You may have more! LOL!
I like that idea,it's hard to keep them all organized so you can see the colors! Very clever of your hubby!
Your dinner sounds delicious, and I am certain it was! I just learned how to make homemade rolls and cinnamon rolls with my mom. Probably NOT to good for the old waistline.
Have a good one sweetie. I don't know how I miss some of the posts, I think blogger doesn't always work!