Sunday, March 25, 2012

Happy Sunday

Happy Sunday evening all,I hope that you have all had a wonderful day.It has been a special day for my family.Today is my mother's 71 st happy birthday momma! My mom has always been the center of our family and the heart of it as well.My mom is a quiet woman ,with a soft voice and an even softer heart.She has always been a guiding force in my life ,teaching me how to be a good person, daughter,sister,wife and a mom.My mom may have a soft voice but she could quieten a room with just a glance if it was needed.LOL! As a small child ,I was always on the lookout for that "look".A remarkable woman in my eyes,she raised four children ,worked alongside daddy farming for many, many years until her heart attack some seven years ago,and kept her home immaculate all the while.I never woke up to a bowl of  cold cereal for breakfast (wish my son could say the same thing,LOL!) it was always a hot cooked meal just like lunch and supper.I have long felt that my crafting abilities come from momma ,she can sew anything and I mean anything! She and daddy always instilled in me that you can do anything as long as you are willing to try to do it.Nothing was considered  a failure as long as you gave it your all.I was blessed to have both parents that worked at home and am blessed to live next to momma still today.As wonderful as it is to celebrate momma's birthday it has been a week of stress as well,her cardiologist suspects that she may have an infection in the lining of her heart.We have been waiting on the test results and expect to hear something on Monday.So if you would please add her to your prayers.

I have been blessed a lot lately as I have won a few giveaways from fellow bloggers.I owe Kerri of Calico Rabbit a huge apology for not getting my winnings from her posted before now.Time has just gotten away from me this last week or so.I was so happy when I saw that I won Kerri's giveaway and can't wait to get busy making my egg.Not only did Keri send me a kit to make my own Cameo Bunny  egg from the pattern published in the Spring issue of Mercantile Gatherings ,she sent me an autographed copy of the magazine!!! So if you are not familiar with Keri and the beautiful work she does click on the link above and it will take you to her awesome blog.Don't forget to pick up a copy of the magazine and read the article on Keri and get your own pattern to make her wonderful Bunny Cameo Egg,you will be so glad that you did.Congrats Kerri  on being published !You should be so proud!
Here are a few pics to share with you...

Thank you so much Kerri! I really enjoyed the article and know just where my egg is going!

I have spent the last week doing my Spring cleaning and has it ever been a chore.I do believe I have a bad habit of keeping old catalogs and such...well no more they are gone! I have spent the week really thinking about what is important to me and what isn't ,I have tried to cut back on things that are just sitting and collecting dust.I would rather spend my days  crafting or reading as dusting a lot of things that are not that necessary or special .Now don't get me wrong if it has sentimental value from family or friends it has a place in my heart and home,but a lot of it was just dust collectors.I hope to finish up the rest of my cleaning and get back to crafting.Bet you can't guess what my first project is going to be once I am finished cleaning .LOL!Have a great week and remember be kind to your family and friends!Spring blessings,Jen


Mary said...

Hi Jen, A Very Happy Birthday to your Momma....she sounds like such a wonderful and special woman! I am sure she feels just as blessed to have a wonderful and special daughter as yourself. Your tribute to her was very beautiful. I will gladly keep her in my thoughts and prayers.
Congrats on your new winnings, can wait to see your Cameo egg finished.
Been trying to clean and declutter around here as well, we are having all the rooms painted so what a perfect time to weed things out. Gosh....isn't funny though, as you never really realize how much stuff you have till you start cleaning LOL.
Wishing you a wonderful week ahead.

~Sara said...

You are truly blessed to have an amazing family. Enjoy them while you can.My mom has been gone for 16 years and I miss her.
Congrats on your winnings.
Good luck with the cleaning it's an endless battle. Have a good week, will be praying for your mom. ~Sara

tamera-country at heart said...

Happy birthday to your momma. You are lucky to live so close to her. Today is my birthday and I woke up at 5:00am with tears this morning and looked at the clock and saw that was what time I was born. Strange isn't it. Maybe it is my mom thinking of me.
I miss my mom, she has been gone for 2 years now. Even though she moved far away and we lost alot of years being together I still miss her. So cherish every day with your mom and I hope she is ok.
Don't worry about a little dust on things, just do what makes you happy. Those dust bunnies will still be there when you are ready to tackle them.
Enjoy your day
Country at heart

acorn hollow said...

Happy birthday to your mom I do hope her tests come out as you want. congrats on the win.I love that egg. I did a lot of cleaning late last fall so I do not need to do major cleaning. I do need to tackle some of my closets.

Trace4J said...

Happy Birthday to your Mom!
How blessed you are to have such a wonderful mom.
Happy Monday

BumbleBeeLane said...

Sending up a prayer for your momma.She sounds so special! Congrats on the win from Kerri.I have one of her Cameo Bunny Eggs and it is really cute.I agree trying to simplify here to way to much to keep up with.Would much rather be enjoying life than a great week!~Amy

TheCrankyCrow said...

Happiest of belated birthdays to you mom, Jen. I certainly will add her to my prayers - I know very well how stressful our parents' health issues can be - I'm going through the same thing with my mother now. She's been hospitalized on three separate occasions this month already - and just went back in on Saturday night. Congratulations on your win from Keri...I knew it would find a good home in your capable hands. I need to tackle some major cleaning projects here as well. I've been trying to teach my dust bunnies (some of whom are quite mature already) to vacuum themselves - but to no avail. Happy new week! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

Happy Belated Birthday to your Mom!!!
I hope her day was blessed with family and friends!!!
Your Mom sounds like a wonderful person and someone you would like to meet ~ you are very blessed to still have your Mom ~ cherish every moment.
Congrats on your win from Keri ~ have fun putting it all together!!!
I've got lots of dust bunnys running around my house ~ any time you wanna come over and help me get rid of them would be greatly appreciated!!!LOL
Prim Blessings

Firecracker Kid said...

Hi Jennifer :o) My goodness, I've been told I have that "look" too that keeps my household in line, but I sure don't mean anyone any harm, Must be the German Dutch in me... lol.
We will pray for your momma, but I'm thinking she is happy and comfy as long as she has you all around her. She certainly sounds like a wonderful woman.

Angie Berry said...

Happy belated Birthday to your mom! My dad just celebrated his 77th birthday. I enjoyed reading that great tribute to your parents! What a wonderful way to be raised and precious memories you have of it. I pray that all is well and the test results will show a healthy heart!

I saw where you won on Kerri's blog, congratulations!