Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Chilly Tuesday !

Good morning friends,hope that this day finds you with a smile and love in your heart.It sure is a cold start to the day here ,was only 27 degrees when I headed out to feed the critters. They are always ready to head out of the barn ,no matter  the weather .I can tell you that by the time I got to the barn I sure was wishing that I had not forgotten my gloves in the house.LOL! It is so much fun to watch the baby goats running around,trying to keep up with their mommas.The ducks amaze me for they jump right in the water,even in frigid temps.I understand that they are equipped for it but it still sends shivers down my back to see it.

I just want to take a moment to remember all of our friends on the East Coast this morning.It is such a sad situation,when I woke this morning I was thinking of all those still with out electricity and it just breaks my heart.I and so many are blessed to have a warm house and bed that it is easy sometimes to forget the less fortunate.Please remember them all in your prayers as we enter into the holiday season and each day. Know that I am keeping you all  in my heart, thoughts and prayers.

Crafting has not been a big part of my routine of late but I did finish a couple projects a week or so ago and would like to share .The first one is a needle punch project ( not my design, it was inspired by a print a friend sent me) and my hat is off to the designer. Love rabbits so when I saw this I just had to do my version of it .It is roughly 20X24 inches .I punched it using wool threads, wool sock yarn ,floss,and crochet thread.The fun part of it to me was using different threads to achieve different  textures.I am currently using this piece in my living room.

This one is with the flash and the next one is without .The colors are actually more muted than they appear.

The next project is a simple hooked Fall pouch.This is my design ,which I did with small strips of wool.I thought it came out ok.

I hung it off my large dough trencher after adding some fall goodies. Guess that is all for today,however as soon as I locate my camera charger I will be back to share a RAK from a special lady that we all know and love.Have a great day and be kind to one another.Hugs,Jen


Kendra said...

Oh my Jennifer,
I just came over to check your blog out and I LOVE IT!
At first when I saw Gretchen I thought she may be a Scottie (I grew up with one, Huckleberry, he was something else lol!). I see you have ducks too, I know, mine are always in the pond, it's crazy! What kind do you have?

I am going to become a follower and add you to my blog list :)


Deb~Paxton Valley Folk Art said...

Stay warm Jennifer, 27 is a little on the cool side! Love your bunny needle punch, adorable! And your fall pouch is wonderful. You are such a talented gal. Joining you in sending love and good thoughts to those on the East Coast still suffering in the wake of Sandy. Deb

Faye Henry said...

Hi Jenn... I love your work.. I actually pinned the rabbit piece to my pinterst a few weeks ago.. A similar one I should say.. My daughter loved it too.. I wish I could do such lovely handwork..
Praying for that area... They sent down some truckloads of blankets and such from our little town this past Saturday...

bettyj said...

Love your work! Beautiful.It is cold here in East Tn today.

Mary said...

Hi Jen, so good to see that your back with us! Missed you while you were gone. It has been chilly here as well, late last night we had wet show...but by morning it was all gone. Hate to think it won't be long and it will be here to stay for awhile. Ugh! My heart breaks also for all the people effected by Sandy, we were lucky here and only had some minor power outages and min. wind damage. I love your two new projects, especially the Fall pouch,(you do such awesome work) I have been wanting one for so long....I am hoping after the holidays to try and teach myself how do punch. Thank you for stopping by the other day and signing up for the blog hop giveaway....so exciting to see who is going to win all the awesome ornies! Well sweet friend I'm off, wishing you a wonderful rest of the week..Hugs Mary

Shirlee said...

Good morning Jen! It's 27 degrees here this morning & I am love-love-loving it! The only thing that would make it better is a couple feet of snow : ) Your needlepunch items are great!

Firecracker Kid said...

Those are two impressive and unique creations. I love them both! That's really cool the materials you used.

I've been watching the news and the controversy over the help they're getting or not getting. It's sad and I wish they wouldn't fight. I pray they get things worked out quickly.


Paula said...

You do such beautiful work, Jen!!

And it has been colder than gee-whiz here too in the mornings... this morning all the animals' water was frozen. YAY!! (Not.)
Oh, well.. it is time for it, I just don't know if I'm ready for it to be THAT cold! *haha*

Farmhouse prims said...

Hi Jen, you have been busy, love your work, prim perfect!!! hugs, Lecia

Susan At Glen Oaks Primitives said...

The pouch left me wanting one! I haven't punched yet and I'll get serious about it now, for sure.
The bunny hanging is so very pretty. What different thicknesses of yarn and floss did you use where? It's hard to see in the photo. I really like that idea.
Happy Thanksgiving,

Simple Thyme Prims said...

Hi Jen,

great handworks!..beautiful..