Saturday, February 2, 2013

The up and down days of farm life...

Afternoon all!Whew it feels nice to have a few minutes to myself.LOL!It is still cold as all get out but we have been getting  just a few flakes of snow the last day or two so it is easier to bear.It has not stuck but has been nice to watch.I am glad to hear that Punxsutaney Phil is predicting an early Spring.I tend to think that he may be right.This afternoon as I headed to the goat barn to feed I noticed that the lot was full of birds.My first thought was poor black birds but the closer I got I saw that they were not black birds at all but robins.Sixteen to be exact.

As the title of this post suggest there have been some up and  downs lately in my life.Let's get the down side out of the way.One of which is the fact that I lost the baby goat I spoke about in my last post.Thank you all for your kind words and prayers!I have always said that the momma goats wait on bad weather to have their babies.Last Saturday proved to be that day.It was bitterly cold and still icy and not one but 6 goats delivered their babies.It was a horrible,horrible day!I spent 7 hours in the barn and usually I enjoy it but not Saturday.It is not unusual for one maybe two mommas to have a difficult birth,but all but one of the adults had trouble.The end result was 7 lost goats,two of which were adult mommas and their unborn babies.Saying goodbye to Phoebe (one of the adult moms)was heartbreaking,she was my most favorite goat.I had bottle fed her and  where ever I was at in  the barn or barn lot  she was my shadow.The other adult was Phoebe's daughter,they were both having the same problem and folks I can tell you animals are sensitive to each others pain.I had both of them in one stall because they stayed together and during all their struggles they stayed side by side.It was so uncanny because they also died at the same time.It was such a sad sight to see them laying together with their necks crossed asleep in death.I have cried most of the week and going to the barn is just not the same and never will be for me.I miss my Phoebe so very much.I did try to get them to my vet but was unable to reach him  until on Sunday ,he had a family emergency.It is sad but it is also comforting that they went together.Since I was 8 or 9 years of age there have been  goats in my life and never have I had such a bad delivery time.

Now on to the up side.During all the delivering of babies I ended up with two bottle babies.Both are girls and that is wonderful because bottle feeding a kid tends to cause attachment to the baby and it makes having to find a new home for one harder.Having the bottle babies is taking all  of my time but they are so worth it.I have been feeding one of them every two hours round the clock .The other one is smaller and needs hourly care.To me she seems to be more of a dwarf  than a pygmy.Dwarf babies happen sometimes and usually they do not live long.Sally seems to be doing well after a bad spell on Tuesday night ,I was sure that I was going to loose her but she pulled through.Sleep is hard to get and it has been happening on the family room couch for most nights.The babies are sleeping in the family room presently.Tuesday night was spent on the couch with Gretchen sleeping at my feet and Sally laying on my chest,so glad that no one thought to snap a pic.Molly the bigger of the two is doing very well and is full of spunk.




Are you my mommy?

Can you tell that Sally is about half the size of Molly.?I have to keep them in different beds because Molly is so rambunctious.I know that  loosing so many babies and the adults is terribly sad but it is all part of farm life and just look at these babies they are such sweethearts that they lift you back up.Hoping and praying that they continue to do well.

Yesterday hubby and I went out to run some errands and I stopped at a second hand store to look for some wool.I scored all this ...

There were a few more pieces that I failed to get pics of apparently.I usually look for skirts, as the jackets do not produce as much wool for your time.The interfacing makes the wool not good  for hooking but hey if you are willing to fool with them you can use it for penny rugs.They have all been washed ,felted and taken apart.Not a bad haul for $7.00.Now to have time to make something out of them.LOL!

Well it is feeding time once more and sorry about the long post but I am tired and I ramble when I haven't had enough sleep.Blessings to you all!Hugs,Jen


BumbleBeeLane said...

Sorry for the loss of your favorites.I've said it before if your a animal person that bond is like loseing your best friend.The babies are just adorable I'm sure they make you smile.Warm Blessings!~Amy

Trace4J said...

Evening friend
So sorry to hear of you week.
It's so hard when a furry one dies specially when they are part of the family.
But what a sweet gift.
Precious new life.
Wow you are so busy.
Sending you a giant hug.
I am in love with the new girlies.
Woolie love

Primitive Stars said...

Evening Jen, oh my heart is breaking for you, so so sad, wonder why they both had so much trouble giving birth??.....but those babies are so sweet, love them so, hope all goes well for them and you, Blessings Francine.

Deb~Paxton Valley Folk Art said...

Oh Jen, I am so sorry for the loss of your precious goats. Regardless of it being the way of farm life or not, to lose an animal you love is so very painful no matter who you. {{Hugs}} to you and I surely hope that Molly and Sally continue to do well and thrive in your loving care. Rest when you can! Deb

Holly Hills Primitives said...

Oh so sorry for losing your girls! I grew up on a farm and sometimes it is just heartbreaking, but most times it is unbeatable. The babies are just adorable! Try to get some rest, Dawn

Kendra said...

Is that Gretchen next to them? If so, they are so tiny! Honestly they don't even look real, they look like little stuffed animals. Oh, I just want to hug and kiss them!

I hadn't realized that you had lost so many. I know it will be hard when you are in the yard this Spring and Summer when you don't have your shadow but you need to remember the good times with her.

I had two more eggs this morning!


Cindi said...

Oh bless your hear about the losses. I am sure it is so hard. But then I have to say OMGosh I am in love with your little goats! They are so cute. How big do they get? I agree with Kendra they look like cute stuffed animals! Thanks for sharing their pictures!
Be blessed,

TheCrankyCrow said...

I don't know what to do...squeal or cry?? Little Molly and Sally are absolutely PRECIOUS! Makes me wanna scoop them up and nuggle!! But I am so, so, sad to hear of your painful losses. I, too, grew up on a farm - but, as my father wisely observed at a very early age, I wasn't cut out for it. I never did "acclimate" to the hard part of farm life. When they had to "come get" cattle (if you know what I mean), they scheduled the truck early, early, in the morning so I would not hear it and raise a ruckus. Even so, I would go to the barn and know when "someone" was missing and cry for days. I "understand" it is a part of farm life, but I just never "accepted" it well. Praying your little ones will thrive and become your new shadow.... Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

Mary said...

Hi Jen, I am so sorry that it has been such a ruff time on the farm for you and so sorry for the losses of your sweet friends. Those two precious babies are just the cutest things I ever saw! Who couldn't become attached to them in a heartbeat!! I will keep them in prayer that they con't thrive and like Robin said become "your new shadows" :)
{{{JEN}}} Big Hugs

Mary said...

Ohhhhh and ps...Please make sure you get some rest every chance you can! We worry about you and don't want you getting sick! :)

Faye Henry said...

Oh my, those are the sweetest things.. Love your wool finds, too..
Take care, my friend..

frontporchprims said...

I am so sorry you lost your dear friend. I know you loved her so much. The babies are the cutest things!!! That's a lot of great wool. Hope you feel better soon.

Danice said...

So sorry for the loss of the goats. I know this is very sad for you all. 'Love the wool you bought. Wool is one of my favorite fabrics :)

Kim said...

Oh my, I am so sorry you lost so many goats. I can only imagine your sadness. When I lost Gunner in June I was terribly sad and I still get weepy when I see a picture of him. I couldn't imagine loosing that many at once! So glad you have the babies to take care of and they are so cute!!

Eggs In My Pocket said...

So very sorry about the goats. So tragic! Life on the farm is full of hurts and triumphs.......with the triumphs being able to get over the hurts!

Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

My heart goes out to you for the loss of dear Phoebe. And to have her pass with her daughter...well, it is just heart-breaking. But, as with life, some go and others start the cycle over. You have some precious babies there. I've had to bottle feed dachshund puppies because there Momma dried up. It was a pain/but a beautiful thing. I actually loved it. I know you are loving the relationship you are building with Sally and Molly. :)

Hillcresthome Prims said...

Hey girlie, like I said to you I am SO sorry for your loss of Phoebe, I know you are an animal LOVER like Ken and I are!!!!!!!!!
I LOVE, LOVE the pictures of Molly and Sally. You can just ship them to our hom and I will take care of them you know that.

Gretchen seems HAPPy to have them in your homestead.
She is playing MOMMY, even though you really are feeding extra,Gretchen can go lay down and sleep when she is sleepy, you can't.

I have everything ready for you to mail out. If I can today I will but if not I will have to wait for hubby's payday!!!!
I LOVE your pink background on your blog but I alraedy told you that on the phaone but had to say it again.
I know you aren't getting a Blizzard but you know we are, but because I fell and really hurt myself again you know this, Ken will be bringing in the wood for the woodstove, I ALWAYS do it but Ken said NO way, I am still hurting.

Well, big hugs to you my sweet friend.
Hugs and Love,

earlene said...

Sally is so darn cute!!! I wish I could hold her.

Mugwump Woolies said...

Oh my goodness! I was catching up on some favorite blogs and just came across these little girls. I don't know how you get anything done...all I'd want to do all day is hold and hug these babies. They are so precious!
Sorry for your sounds like that was a really rough day....hope things are better today.