Monday, January 6, 2014

Wonderful gift in the mail!

A snowy good Monday morning  friends! It is bitterly cold here in Kentucky today.This is supposed to be the coldest that this area has seen in almost 20 years! It is pretty outside with  some snow on the ground,would have like to see more snow and less frigid temperatures.I have spent the last four days trying to prepare the critters for the negative temperatures that arrived last night.It is going to get worse as the day progresses.The bitter cold brought the need for extra bedding and wind breaks for all the animals.I pray that they will make it through okay as well as prayers for folks that must be outside in such conditions.

I recently was blessed to win a beautiful ornament from Laura  and it is gorgeous! Laura is super sweet and very talented,please click on  her name and check out her blog.You won't be disappointed.Laura also has an Etsy shop Rhodes Creations Etsy so be sure and stop by there.The ornament is a quilted ball ornie and before I show you the pics I will tell you they did not do it justice.Laura not only sent the ornament but she included a sweet tag and a Joy to the World Cd of Christmas songs. Thanks so much Laura.

I chose the ornament " Down on the farm" and I love it ,the colors are perfect for me.

Because it is so bitterly cold I now have a temporary house guest.After much thought I felt it would be safer to bring Tumbleweed into the house rather on chancing him getting his ears wet and possibly losing them to frostbite.He is such a sweet tempered bunny and loves to be held and petted. He still has some growing to do as he is not a year old yet.English lops are well known for their great big ears. Oh and don't mind the towel he is sitting on, it is not dirty only stained from me dying some floss.LOL!

Gretchen is reminding Tumbleweed that he is only a guest and that she is momma's baby! LOL! 

Well my dear friends I hope that you all have an awesome day.Stay safe and warm! I plan on doing my outside feeding and then snuggling down with my girl Gretchen .It is just that kind of day.Hugs,Jen


Primitive Stars said...

Morning, what a wonderful gift, so pretty......Ahhh, love the bunny, I would snuggle with her to, Stay Warm, Francine.

Danice said...

Laura makes such pretty items. Congrats on the win (I won one also). Gretchen and Tumbleweed are so cute. Good decision to have them both indoors. Here in Alabama we are also having record-level cold weather. Last night was 15° and it is not much higher now. Hope you are having a great 2014 so far :)

Shirlee said...

Congratulations on winning the ornament! That photo of Tumbleweed with Gretchen is so cute : ) I am loving this cold weather ... lol!

Wendy @ Ravenwood Whimzies said...

What a lovely gift! Wow, what long ears the bunny has! Too cute.
Our bitter cold arrives today again...windchills are supposed to be well below zero...brrrr

Dog Trot Farm said...

Good afternoon Jen...what a wonderful pretty...Love the name Tumbleweed, she is so sweet, such lovely long ears...I agree it's a good day to stay nestled in...stay warm...

~willa~ said...

Congratulations on winning such a beautiful ornament.

It is bitter cold here too. My heart aches to think of those who will be out in this cold including the many animals that will have to endure this.

Awwww Tumbleweed is a sweetie as is Gretchen.

Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving your lovely comment.

Stay warm


Raggedy Creations said...

Awwwwww your bunny is sooooo cute. Stay warm.


Kendra said...

Love your ornie but love Tumbleweed even more, what a precious baby and that picture of him with Gretchen is priceless! I am hoping to get a bunny in the summer, I grew up raising mini lops for 4-H and just loved those guys and miss having a snuggly friend :)
Stay warm (-14 for a high here today)!


Deb~Paxton Valley Folk Art said...

What a lovely ornie Jen, such pretty colours! Tumbleweed is adorable, look at those ears! Glad to see that he and Gretchen are (grudgingly!) getting along. Stay warm my friend, hope it warms up real soon for you and your critters, Deb

Laura Rhodes said...

So glad you liked the QBO and it arrived safe and sound! Love your bunnies! So cute! Keep warm! Hugs, Laura

A Primitive Homestead said...

Your ornament is lovely. Such detail Laura has created. This will soon become one of your treasured ornaments. Tumbleweed is pretty. I have never saw such big ears. I would have to cuddle up and pet Tumbleweed. I'm afraid I wouldn't want to send Tumbleweed back out.

Barb said...

Love your winnings!
Love your bunny!!
Enjoy your weekend,