Friday, July 29, 2011

Good Morning and a Makeover

Good  morning  everyone. Just wanted to drop in to say a quick hello and let you know that I have not disappeared or melted. I just about melted clean away Wednesday though...I decided that I was well enough to stand on the back deck and sand on a cupboard in the full blazing sun.It was only around 100 degrees !I will save you the trouble and call myself an idiot.Long story ,shortened I got to hot and landed my backside back in bed for the afternoon. I did manage to almost finish the cupboard and that is the above mentioned makeover. 

As some of you know ,I  have been tying to organize and decorate my craft room. I was out Tuesday running errands with mom and I saw this cupboard sitting on a the porch of a junk store.I fell in love with it as soon as my beady eyes landed on it.I was not thrilled with the color and thought hey I can change that easy peasy. Just a little sanding and slap a coat of paint on it.Boy was I wrong! Here is a before shot of it :

 Please ignore the flooring (it is hopefully going to have laminate soon) and all the clutter.I have the room in a total mess at the moment. Do you see the yellow striping on the cupboard ? Well it was pin stripping tape and a booger to get off. We had to take a torch and heat it up on the doors to remove it from the grooves. Easy peasy , remember ,yeah right!

This is not the best after shot but I tried to get one without showing all my mess.I had to stand on the stairway to get it.

 The color is a lot darker than it shows in the pic.We were at Wal Mart the night I picked up the cupboard and I just grabbed an oops paint, since hubby was in a hurry.The color is  called charcoal stone.I had intentions of painting the back of the top a lighter color but I was to shaky after getting to hot.Thought I better leave well enough alone.LOL!

Here is a pic with a few of my things on it . It won't stay this way I am sure, I'll be tweaking it as I clean.

Those small drawers are so handy.I am keeping tape,label maker and that type of things in them.The bottom of it is storing my plastic totes. 

Well I best be getting back to work . If you don't hear from in the next few days be sure to send out a search party. I may be buried under an avalanche of junk.LOL! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Hugs ,Jen


Kerin said...

You are a brave woman to take on such a big project :)
Love how the hutch turned out, and it will be wonderful to have the storage!
Take care of you today, and keep cool.

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

what a wonderful cabinet to have in your keep you organized...glad you are feeling better from your hot day in the sun..can't wait to see more photos.;)

TheCrankyCrow said...

Great bones on that cupboard, Jen....and I'm green over all the nooks and crannies to put stuff!!! Sorry it was such a pain to do - and sorrier still you ended on your backside....but it is somewhat refreshing to hear that not all re-do's are a piece of cake. I've never taken on a piece of furniture - and admire those who do, but, frankly, it scares the dickens out me!! You just gave me another excuse to avoid it! Have fun organizing and tweaking!! Have a great weekend - and stay out of that sun girlfriend!!! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

Sugar Bush Primitives said...

You did a beautiful job on that cupboard!! Don't be a chicken - you show your mess and I'll show mine. The difference is that yours is probably temporary. LOL!

Deppen homestead 1862 said...

Love the re-do!! Looks wonderful!!

Hillcresthome Prims said...

Jen, I love it. You did a GREAT job on it and decorated it SOOO GREAT!!!
You are a lucky girl, I LOVE the color
Hugs Tricia

Anonymous said...

What a nice color, it turned out great. I don't think I would have the patience to work on something that size. But it sure is a nice addition to your sewing room. Maybe you can come and see me and paint a few pieces I have sitting around.
Country at heart

Barb said...

Hi Jen,
The cupboard is BEAUTIFUL!! I love it and your color choice. I wish I was brave enough to take on a big project like that!
Hope you survived the heat! It has been a hot and humid one here.
Enjoy your weekend,

earlene said...

What a great cupboard...lots of storage.
Heat stroke is not fun! wow 100 degrees! When will it end!
Have a great weekend.

Raspberry Lane Primitives said...

looks great careful in that hot sun!!

Angela said...

Jen, I would have wanted that piece done right away also. But, I would have begged Mr. P. to have done it for me. You did a great job, sorry you got too hot.Love the cupboard and all those little drawers are great! Set back, rest and stay cool this weekend and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Holly Hills Primitives said...

Great cupboard and what a piece to organize with! Sounds like you better stay out of that sun though. Enjoy your weekend, Dawn

Trace4J said...

Love your beautiful hutch. That was a big job. I love the color so cheerful . Great job friend..
Hugs Trace