Thursday, July 21, 2011

Hot ,hot ,hot !

Morning my friends! It is hot ,hot hot here! It is already 87 with a heat index of 109 and the relative humidity is 91% ! Yikes but it is unbearable to be outside for long.Please remember all of your pets and  to give them cool water through out the day. It is also a good idea to remember our feathered friends and to place pans of water out for them .

I know that it has been a while since I last posted and I apologize for it.I have spent much of the last two weeks in bed with strep throat and I guess what is the flu.I am stubborn and did  not go to the doctor but I think sometimes our bodies need to be able to fight off infections on it's own. I have a lot of reactions to medications and that is the other reason I did not seek the doctor.

One of the things that make me smile are firkins .There are not many actual old firkins in my collection but lots of redos which id fine by me .Back in the day they were all about making do with what they had available . Why should it be any different for me? Here are a couple of ones that I found a while back and I thought I'd share their makeovers. 

 I love doing makeovers and giving things a new look. I have more that I will share at a later time.Please be safe out in the heat and take care of yourselves.I am off to try and catch up on all that I have missed.Big hugs and blessings,Jen


Shirlee said...

Jen ... I was wondering where you were! So sorry you weren't feeling well : ( I understand your thoughts about letting our bodies heal themselves sometimes. My husband also has bad reactions to most medicines. He avoids even taking a Tylenol unless he absolutely has to. One Tylenol will cure him of a headache within 5 minutes. I'm just the opposite ... I need more of whatever it is for it to work on me. I take 3 Tylenol & maybe half an hour later it will ease up. Glad you are feeling better! Blessings, Shirlee

Angela said...

Jen, Love your make over on your firkins. Never thought about a redo on them. I can't find good ones around here but do see newer ones ocassionly. will have to be on the look out for some. Sorry to hear you were sick, hoping you are on the mend now. Take care and have a great day.

Deppen homestead 1862 said...

hi, Jen
It is beautiful~ wonderful makeover~ gotta love firkins!!
keep cool~

Anonymous said...

Sorry you've been sick sweetie, in this weather that always seems to be even worse. Great makeover..
Have a great day!

Margaret said...

Jen, I have a firkin exactly like that and I willpost for you tomorrow what mine looks like! It was my Mom's and back in the 1970's she decaled it. I love what you've done! Love ya! Maggie
of Masggie's Lil' Fixins

Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

Good to see you are back in the running. Sorry to hear you were ill.
Those cookie buckets are the best replacements for firkins. I call mine 'faux firkins'! lol
Gotta love them though. Someday, someone will call them antiques! And we created them!!!

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

dang its hot where you live..we are in the mid 60's here with rain..I like my 60's and very low 70's..any higher and I get sweaty and grouchy..I love your makedos..I need to keep an eye out for these things...stay cool and glad you are feeling better..;)

Trace4J said...

They are so stinkin cute. Glad you are getting better. Wish I had known I could have sent ya some soup.
Hugs Trace

Lynn said...

Hi Jennifer, It is so nice to meet you. You did a wonderful job on your make do furkins make overs!! I am new to the primitive blogging world and would love to invite you to visit my blog. I am glad you are feeling better.
Take care and stay cool.

Tam said...

Wow fab. makeover

Anonymous said...

It is really hot here too. Too hot
to go out. Wishing for fall right now.
Good job on the makeovers.
I love the colors.
Country at heart

Lois--Huckleberry Lady said...

Oh Jen, how awful to be sick in this weather. Glad your feeling better now. Love your firkins.


TheCrankyCrow said...

Nobody does a redo like you do Jen dear!! Those are great!! Unfortunately, you can't even find those kinds of firkins in these parts!! Love 'em. Hope you're on the road to better....nothing worse than feeling like that in weather like THAT!! We've had a severe case of the muggies too, but today was cooler and less humid. Tomorrow is supposed to be hot and sticky again, but then back to the upper 70's.... Time to find my hoodie!! Wishing you cool breezes...Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

Mary said...

Hi Jen,Sorry to hear you were under the weather, so glad you are on the mend and doing much better! Nothing more worse than feeling ill with this heat. I too have been down here, took a lil' spill the other day outside "OUCH" to say the least.....Hopefully I too will be on the mend soon. Love your redo's you did an excellent job on them! Enjoy your weekend and try and stay cool.....Hugsss Mary

cottageprims said...

Oh Jen strep is no fun! Glad your feeling a little better.Love the makeovers wish I had time to do things like that.I do sometimes but have soooo many projects piled up.Feel better and don't push yourself in this heat.Warm Blessings!~Amy