Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Wonderful Wins and a RAK

I just want to take a minute to say that my thoughts and prayers are with the folks of Connecticut! I had intended to do a post but decided against it, as what could I say that had not already been said by others.There really is no way to understand the tragic events that unfolded on that Friday,because this was not an act of God but one of evil.The only real thing I can do is pray for God's comfort for those left behind.I am certain that there are 20 pairs  small angel feet dancing along with 6 adult heroes today in heaven,God Bless them all! Suffice to say my heart is broken .

In recent days I have been so blessed to win some wonderful giveaways here in blogland and would like to share the generosity of some talented ladies.

The first one is from Mary over at Marmmies Mammy's and More ! Please click the link and check out her wonderful blog. If you are familiar with her blog then I don't have to tell you what a sweetheart Mary is everyday! I received my package on Saturday and it blew me away! Not only has it made my Christmas but has became my favorite Santa I own.The craftsmanship is unbelievable,it is perfect.I am so honored to have one of her creations in my home.Take a look at how pretty it was packaged ....

Just look how beautiful they are and at that gorgeous feather tree!Pics do not do this wonderful Santa justice.Thank you Mary! I adore him!

Another beautiful win came from Danice over at Homespun Hannah'sBlog .She gave away an awesome homemade ornie and I was blessed to win.Danice is a wonderfully talented lady and has a great blog so be sure to check it out.She  has her pretty Christmas tree entered into a contest so run over and take a look and visit the link to cast your vote.Not only did she send the ornie but she included some of her potpourri! Ladies the ornie is stitched perfectly and the potpourri smells heavenly. If only the computer had a scratch and sniff button.I would like to be able to share the pretty packaging of her gift as well but I was in to big of a hurry and forgot the camera.Well actually, was all my  momma's fault because I had taken her mail into her and she let me know I wasn't leaving till she got to see my goodie.LOL!Thank you Danice!I love it!The ornie has already found a home on my tree.

On Saturday ( a good day wouldn't you say) I also received a package from Cathy from Tolentreasures. She is another very talented lady and has a huge giving heart.So if you are not familiar with her blog then be sure to check it out. Cathy,came up with a fantastic way to repurpose some wine corks,you really must take a look at the way she used them.She had recently did a post on some thread that she had found out thrift shopping and did not know what it was used for but it was to good of a deal to pass up.Think we all have been there and done that kind of thing.When I commented that I thought it was needle punch thread she generously offered it to me.Well it arrived on Saturday and ladies it is brand spanking new thread.Thank you so much Cathy! I am sure I will get many hours of enjoyment punching with it.  

If you have a moment I wish you would take a glance at a recent post that I did on a little boy's last Christmas wish. You can find it  here...A little boy's Christmas wish
Well ladies that is all for today.It is my hope that this post makes sense as I am doing it from bed.I have not been feeling well lately ( cause of the delay in posting my goodies) and last night I was hit with a horrible stomach bug.So if  the post is a bit  wonky let's just blame it on the fever.It was important to me to go ahead and do the post as the ladies were generous enough to share their talents and love and deserve to be recognized for it!Now if I can only kick this virus in the you know what and get on with things.I have to gifts to buy,wrapping to do,cookies to bake,candy to make,crafts to finish and lets not think about the house cleaning.Yikes! I  better get some rest.There are only 7 days left.LOL!Remember to pray for all those struggling through so much hurt and anguish.

One parting thought...be sure to tell those you love just how much they mean,don't let misunderstandings or hurt feelings stand in the way of saying what is in your heart.Don't let a day go by that you don't give that special one a hug or say good bye as they head out the door.God Bless and lots of hugs to you all,Jen


Angela said...

So sorry to hear you are not feeling well Jen. So many bugs going around. Most of our family has been or is sick with the flu. So far the mister and myself have ben blessed,. Wishing a speedy recovery for you. Love all the items you have been blessed with,. That Santa and tree are wonderful as well as the ornie and potpourri. Cathy is a sweetheart. That's a great amt, of thread. Enjoy using it.


Hope you are feeling better soon, that bug is going around down here too. Your Santa is fantastic, I joined in a ornie swap with Danice that was great and I also won a little dress, bonnet, stockings from her, which were beautiful. I hope you have a great Christmas. Cyndy

Eggs In My Pocket said...

Hope this finds that you are feeling better. Every thing is so cute!

Cindi said...

Oh no Jen I am so sorry you are not feeling well. You have sure been blessed lately! Love all of your winnings. I am praying that you feel better really soon!
Be blessed,

Danice said...

So sorry you are sick, Jen. Get well soon. 'Glad you like the ornie. Thanks for posting,and the link to my blog. Mother and I each mailed cards to Dalton. We also mailed a separate package with an ornie for him. I figured, why not take the time to make just one more ornie? He certainly deserves it.