Thursday, January 17, 2013

A few finished projects

 It is a cold dreary day here in Central Ky but the rain has finally stopped,thank goodness! I am grateful for the rain,just needing a break for a few days. The goat and chicken lots are just a sloppy, muddy mess,I am sure the animals are tired of having muddy feet.The ducks are the only animals that seem to be enjoying it.LOL! They are just to cute playing  in the  mud puddles.When I am out feeding I am slipping and sliding around,it is like trying to walk on glass.I am just waiting till I fall and bust my backside.It'll happen you just wait and see.LOL!

I thought that I 'd take some time this morning and share a few of the projects that I have finished.I was going to wait  till I had all the things I was working on finished but it is taking me to long.It is not that they are hard to complete but the days are to short.As you already have figured out I stink at expect several shots of the same project.

The first one is a cross stitch design that is a free pattern by .This is a wonderful stitching blog that offers many free patterns. The trim I  made from jute string and it has a homespun fabric for the back.

The next two are my own designs and are done with wool.I just love to work with wool,something about it just makes makes me smile.
A little dark but is shows the true  color better than the next two that were taken with the flash on..
Still need to practice on the feather stitch.
The next one is just a fun kind of heart.

I guess that wraps up today's show and tell segment,it is to be continued at a later date.LOL! Well that is if I ever finish the other ones.Think that I need to stop while I am able to anyway as blogger is being a pain! I am off  to get busy,hope that you all have a wonderful day!Blessings,Jen


Barb said...

These are fabulous Jen. I have never worked with wool. One day maybe.
LOVE your designs!!
Enjoy your day,

Friendship Crossing said...

I love working w/wool too and your designs look wonderful!! and your cr. st. too! Thanks for the link to the freebie site. will have to check it out.

Hugs from Eastern Ky!! Dreary here today too!


Hillcresthome Prims said...

You out did yourself again. You cross stitching is beautiful. I also love the wool hearts you made.
You are one crafting lady!

Raymond Homestead said...

Beautiful creations Jen!

Primitive Stars said...

Love all of them Jen, great creations, Francine.

Faye Henry said...

Love love all of your hearts, Jen..
God bless..

Cindi said...

Oh Jen how fun reading this post was! I really love to cross stitch but it is so hard for me now with my eyes. What did you use to cross stitch on? I really love that heart!
The wool things are lovely too! Thanks for sharing!
Be blessed,

Lynne said...

Your work is beautiful Jen.I especially love your wool work.

Christine said...

Gorgeous selection of handmade hearts, Jen! I love the jute around the edge and your feather stitching is way better than I could do!
Be blessed

acorn hollow said...

love love your projects.

Deb~Paxton Valley Folk Art said...

Beautiful work as always Jen. Love the 'Always' heart from subrosa, thanks for the link! And your own designs are so beautiful, love the bleeding hearts! Thanks for sharing and stay dry and don't slip :O) Deb

Rugs and Pugs said...

LOVE the woolly heart with the pennies!
Hugs :)

Heather Wise said...

I LOVE YOUR HEARTS! (Yes. I am shouting!) I love the penny one! You should sell them! They are just wonderful! Truly!!!!

Have a wonderful day! I am praying for your little goat and friends... I hope both are doing well...


Kendra said...

I hear you on the ducks loving the mud, check out my blog post from 1/30/13, it shows my muddy Marly. She just sticks her head in the puddles and has a blast. The Duck Hut is a mess too but the quackers are happy and healthy so so be it lol! When I go out there I have this vision of sinking and getting sucked into the mud!

Your projects are beautiful!