Friday, January 4, 2013

BRRRR! It's cold out there

Good morning my friends.I hope that this day finds you all well and happy.It is cold out there this nose and cheeks were rosy colored by the time I finished feeding the critters.The next week is supposed to bring some temps in the 50's it sure won't seem  wintery. If we can't get snow, then cold go away we don't want you either.Sound like a pouting child this morning, guess you are seeing my true colors shining through. LOL!Maybe with the warmer temps my Christmas gift from hubby can be finished.

A big welcome to all my new followers.It is a pleasure to have you all along.I would never have believed that anyone would want to read anything I had to say so I am amazed to have so many followers.If I can ever help any of you please just send me an email.Thank you for your friendship.

As some of you know,I love cross stitching but  just never mastered it. I had tried several years ago but failed at it miserably.The Aida fabric had stayed stashed away ever since,just couldn't toss it out.Someday I will give it another go is what I kept telling myself. That day came when sweet Pam over at Our Pioneer Homestead offered some free Christmas charts. Please keep Pam in your thoughts and prayers as she is dealing with some health issues! You can read more about the problems on her blog.She is such a sweet,creative lady.Thank you so much Pam for sharing those charts!  I was sick with the stomach flu and didn't feel like doing much but my hands needed to be busy and the charts looked simple enough so I tried it.

This was my first attempt a little wonky but hey I stitched something!I also learned a lesson...don't use full strength homemade walnut dye on light colored thread.Oops!

#2 attempt is a bit better....

Now the rest of these are free charts from other wonderful ladies out in blog land..
 attempt #3
attempt #4
Not perfect but sure is fun to try.

These last pics are gifts that I made for my momma and sis.I was sitting here moping because I had not finished my Christmas shopping before the bug hit and wasn't sure it would be finished, so I decided to do this for them.I had never missed giving my momma something for Christmas and it was breaking my heart to think that I wouldn't have anything for this past Christmas.I am kind of nutty about it,hubby would have went and picked up something but I wanted to do it.Silly, I know but hey I never claimed to be completely reasonable.It worked out in the end because I managed to go shopping for an hour and still had my homemade gifts finished.Honestly they  enjoyed the homemade ones the best.I told them that  I was doing an old fashioned Christmas when I handed over the packages.I gift wrapped the items with fabric and tied it up with jute string. The gift wrapping turned out to be a part of their gifts.Momma got such a kick out of it.
This one is what I made for my sis,she loves birds.

A closeup of the cross stitched piece.
For momma,she grows orchids and loves flowers.
A closeup of her cross stitched piece..
I love making the strawberry pin keeps.The needlebooks were a new thing for me but they came out ok I think.

I am so grateful that I did not give up trying.I have a very long way to go but I am willing to work at it. I have been doing it less than a month. Someday it is my dream to do a large  sampler to hang on my wall.My hat is off to all of you talented ladies that do such beautiful stitching.You are an inspiration to me and so many others.Friends such as Shirlee,Ronda, and Robin to name just few,blow me away with their talent. Thank you  for sharing your work! Please check out their blogs and you will see why I am in awe. Please keep Shirlee and Ronda in your prayers as they both have not been feeling well.If anyone would like to know where to find the other charts email me and I will look it up for you.I am sorry that I did not have the info at hand.

I guess I should wrap this post up,hope it hasn't been to boring just wanted to share my blessing with you.I feel it  is a blessing not to have  given up and to have the Lord help  guide my stitches,without Him I am nothing. Hubby has been laid off for next week so it is sure to be a busy one. Have a wonderful weekend!Hug your loved ones and share kindness today. Blessings,Jen


Christie said...

I am sorry to hear you were ill. No fun at all. Your stitching is wonderful and I know were much appreciated by your family. Keep stitching. I believe you will make that sampler someday. Hugs!!

Primitive Stars said...

Not any fun feeling like that, yuk.....but your stitchery is beautiful, you can do it, Blessings Francine.

Kim said...

Great job on the stitching. I used to cross stitch a lot and then put it away for years. I tried again this fall but my eyes aren't as young as they used to be :)

Trace4J said...

Beautiful stitches sweet Friend
I just love how talented you are.
A true sweet Friend too
Woolie Hugs

Trace4J said...

Beautiful stitches sweet Friend
I just love how talented you are.
A true sweet Friend too
Woolie Hugs

Simple Thyme Prims said...

Wonderful stitching Jen!...thank you so much for thinking of me. I am so honored to be mentioned with Robin and Shirlee..

Sorry you haven't been well., I had the nastiest flu bug. I was watching the news and the current flu cases across the country are unbelievable.

Pam's blog has been a favorite, what a talented lady, sorry for her ills., I'll give her a visit.

Take care...stay warm!..


Margie said...

You are a wonderful person who is extremely talented and brings sonshine to all our lives. The way in which you live out your faith is an inspiration to me and I am sure many others. Keeping Pam in my prayers...she's such a sweetheart too. Your stitching looks great...I have never even attempted cross stitching...too tedious although I do love the looks of it !


TheCrankyCrow said...

Wow, Jen!! You did an AMAZING job with your stitching - and with your wonderful gifts!! All that in a month? Yikes....would take me a month of Christmases to do! I feel humbled to be mentioned along with the likes of Shirlee and Ronda...I actually had to check the link to see which Robin you were referring to. :o I used to stitch was my love, and, next to sewing, my best love....but then I fell in love with stitching on linen, and the eyes went kerpluey. It is such a challenge now....I have to have eye surgery soon (cataract) so hopefully that will help some...?? You're doing great.... And, yes, Pam is a dearheart....I've been neglectful in my visits to her (I don't think her posts are showing up in my feed lately for some reason) - so, I'll need to pay her a visit. She has offered some very sweet free designs....I did just finish up a little Christmas piece, and am almost done with a Valentine one....guess I should post them....Hmmm...then it's time to put the needle and floss, wool and hook, punch needle and other play things away and get back to work. :o( Stay warm my friend - and happy stitching!! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin (Oh....and you probably already figured this out, but when working with light colored threads like that, I either distress my background fabric before stitching anything - or at least after I do the darker threads and before stitching the lighter ones....) :o)

frontporchprims said...

Good job on your first tries!!!! Someday you will show us that wonderful sampler you have done. The gifts are so special. Nothing like homemade with love.

Lois--Huckleberry Lady said...

You did a beautiful job on your stitcheries. Homemade gifts are the best!!!!
Take care!

Anonymous said...

Yikes, you did a wonderful job! I hope you are feeling better.


Hillcresthome Prims said...

The Christmas gifts to your Mom and sister are wonderful. Those are the best gifts becasue you made them with love and I know they will treasure them.

I hope your feeling stronger everyday after you getting that nasty bug!The older we get the harder it is to get back on our feet. I think anyway!
Happy stitching,

Deb~Paxton Valley Folk Art said...

Your cross stitch pieces are beautiful Jen and will be cherished by your family I am sure. Glad to hear you are on the mend and thanks for sharing your beautiful projects. You've inspired me to break out my Aida cloth!

The Wooden Acorn said...

Love to see your stitiching projects. I hope you feel 100 percent soon. Take care of you.

Kerin said...

Beautiful handiwork!
What a wonderful, and heart-felt gift to your family.

Hope you are feeling much better now, and staying warm.

We are scheduled to get a lot of snow tonight, and for the next few days.

Trying to stay warm and cozy, and I'm keeping the fire going :)

Paula said...

WOW~ your projects turned out great, Jen!! You do beautiful work!

Margaret said...

Sorry you were feeling ill :( Your crafts are just amazing. I think you do beautiful work..I can only hope someday I can do as good! I'm just a beginner! Maggie

acorn hollow said...

wow look at you go! So sorry it took being ill but I am sure you are glad you picked it up again.