Friday, April 5, 2013

A fun win and a couple of finishes.

Hi there friends,yep I am late as usual.LOL! It is  beginning to look and feel like Spring here in Kentucky.We are supposed to be hitting highs in the 70's for the next few days.Sounds great ! I can hardly wait to pull out my short sleeves and sandals.
I have spent this week playing catch up as last week was spent at the hospital with my future daughter in law.She was a very sick girl.She had a bad case of infectious colitis and even with pain meds she still was in a lot of pain.She had felt bad on Friday but stayed at work,Saturday she felt some better but by Sunday night she was in incredible pain and a trip to the ER found her admitted to the hospital .She was there until late Thursday.She and my son  have live with my husband and I for almost five years,she she could finish college. We are the only family that she has locally ,so I stayed for pretty much the entire time she was hospitalized.They are attempting to get their home set up but trying to pay for everything as they go so it is a slow process.

While at the hospital and playing on my Kindle,I checked my email to find the delightful news that I had won a wonderful giveaway hosted by Praire Moon Primitives! I was so happy that my name was drawn,it was for such a fun project.Here is what I won...

Just look at that goodie package! It included the fabric with pattern already on it for the design House On A Hill ,House On  A Hill pattern,beautiful hand dyed yarn ,oxford punch needle , pattern for Santa Claus and of  course instructions!I am tickled to death!!Here let me show you some more pics.

Oh my gosh you have to see a close up of that wonderful yarn!I fell in love with it from the moment I first saw it.

Thank you Ginger and Patti!I am so going to have fun with this kit!If you haven't been over to their new blog please do so,you will be amazed at their creativity.I will post a pic of my finished project soon.
Hubby is planning on going ATV riding tomorrow and my plans are to enjoy my new kit!I have worked all week  catching up and tomorrow is going to be my day for fun.LOL!
I am so sorry that it has taken me all week to get this post up.As you know if you are gone from home for most of the week things tend to pile up,add to that farm animals and you really get behind.LOL!

I am happy to say though that my last bottle baby goat  has been returned to the barn.I love my critters but honestly once they reach a certain age then it is a relief to have them back where they belong.Little Lucy seems to be ok with her new home.

Today seemed like a good time to share a couple of finishes with you too.I have had these finished for some time but kept waiting to get that new camera.It still is in the store and my mind still unmade so hubby's camera will have to do.It is so unlike me to take so long to decide on anything ,I usually decide what I want then buy it but for some reason this has been a struggle.

The second project is another wool one,I just love to work with wool!I am planning on using this one above my bed when we do a future remodel. 

It lays flat and is straight it is just the photographer that is crooked.LOL!

It was a fun piece and I am kind of happy with the end result.

Well I am off to go feed Lucy,then hopefully to catch up on all of your lovely blog posts.Blessings,prayers and hugs to all.Jen


Angela said...

Sorry to hear about the sickness in your family. Hope your future daughter in law is on the way to a speedy recovery. Love the finishes you have done. Such beautiful work. Wow,,, what an amazing win. Can't wait to see the finished products. Suppose to be a beautiful weekend here as well. Hope you have a great day working on your projects. Have a blessed day.

Kim said...

SO sorry to hear about your daughter in law. I hope she is feeling much better!

What part of KY do you live in? We are going to put our house on the market near the end of summer and hope to move to either Louisville, KY area or Nashville, TN area.

Hillcresthome Prims said...

Jen, I am still keeping your DIL in my prayers.
I love what you got, those goodies are going to keep you busy.
I REALLY love the 2 beautiful mats that you made!
They came out FABULOUS!!!
Tricia XO

Raymond Homestead said...

Hope your future DIL is feeling better soon. Congrats on your win, what a great item! Love your finishes!

Shirlee said...

Your wool pieces look great & congratulations on the giveaway win! So sorry to hear about your future DIL. She is lucky to have you for a future MIL! I hope she feels better soon : )

Dog Trot Farm said...

Hi Jen, I hope your future daughter in law is on the mend, what a terrible illness to have. Your wool pieces are amazing, very nicely done. Congratulations on the wonderful win, something else to keep you busy, the yarn is so colorful and lovely. Glad all of your farm animals are doing well. Highs in the 70's, how exciting! Spring has found you...greetings from Maine, Julie.

JenW!~ said...

Sorry to hear about your future daughter in law. Hopefully she is feeling better. Lucky you to win such goodies and well done on such lovely projects. Hugs from Ohio. ~JenW!~

Prairie Moon Primitives said...

So glad to hear your DIL to be is on the mend...she is one lucky gal to have you by her side.
So glad you got your package and can't wait to see it punched!
Beautifully done wool appliques. Have a wonderful week!

Heather Wise said...

Wow, colitis is such a difficult ailment. I am sure your FDIL appreciated having a mom nearby! I have two friends- a brother and sister who have it. One is a news reporter, so it can be very difficult. I hope she is feeling much better!

Your love of working with wool shows! Your work is beautiful. I LOVE the one with flowers! I love the pop of red! Just wonderful! Glad that you got your goodies when you did for a little pick-me-up.

Blessings and hugs,

Kendra said...

Oh Jen, you do such beautiful work, Everything looks wonderful.

Did we ever get to see your new critter, did I miss the post? If so when was is so I can go see?

Enjoy this ducky weather! Rain, rainy weather here in Northern IL.


Danice said...

Praying for your future daughter-in-law. Your new items are so pretty. I especially love the round penny rug with the rabbit inn the center. Beautiful!

Paula Fraker said...

Sorry to hear about your son's girlfriend, Jen! Hope she is feeling better now.
Congrats on your win~ what a wonderful bunch of goodies!
And both of your projects are awesome.... great job on both of them!