Thursday, June 16, 2011

Good Morning , a Reminder and a Win!

Good morning to all  out in blog land ! It is a nice cool start to the day here in my little area of the world.We better enjoy it while we can because the heat will be on  the way back in the next few days.Yesterday was a long and hard day but the family did really well. My MIL had a harder time than she was expecting  but she is okay .  We had to deal with thunder and rain on the way to the services but just when it was needed the Lord turned off the rain and the service was completed beautifully.Thank you Lord ! Thanks to all of you, for your warm comments and condolences !

Now I just wanted to take a moment to remind everyone that my giveaway is still open till Saturday at midnight ( central time ).Just pop down to the Saturday post and leave me a comment  on that post.I wish each of you good luck and have to say that this has been fun for me.

My day, no my week was made yesterday  when  I received  a very sweet email from Margie of  Hungry Hook Primitives .She was congratulating me on winning her sheep hooked rug ! Yeah ! But I tell ya I am still in shock and so excited ! Gretchen says thanks Margie ...she now  has a few more gray hairs from me squealing so loudly. LOL! Margie's work is beautiful and I am honored that I will be having some of it in my home .Thank you so much for your generosity. 

This is a picture of Gretchen .Thought  I would share because you are sure to be hearing more about her along the way.She has a problem with allergies and looses patches of hair but to me she is still beautiful and a huge part of my life. She is comical and so loving. 

Well I am off to start my day and see what kind of trouble I manage to find .May you all have a great day ! Blessings and hugs,Jen


Trace4J said...

Have a great day!
Congrats on your win..And Gretchen is soooo cute.
Granny Trace

Angela said...

Congrat on winning the rug. It was beautiful. Can't wait to see how and where you display it once it arrives. Stay out of trouble (ha) but have a great day.

TheCrankyCrow said...

Congratulations, again, Jen!!! That was an awesome win!! Awww...Gretchen is so sweet....(But I tell ya - I had to look very long and hard and enlarge that photo - at first I thought she had a hot pink tail!!) ;o) Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

Love Gretchen. We are dog people.
Congratulations on the win. It is a beautiful rug. You are one lucky gal!

Firecracker Kid said...

Aww poor Gretchen. She is still beautiful:) My Lily kitty has some allergies that make her scratch too.
Yes, congratulations on winning Margie's giveaway. I'm anxious to see it after it arrives:)

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your win...isn't rug hooking just beautiful..I've a project that I need to get back to and finish...

Poor Gretchen...she's adorable.


Mary said...

Congrats Jen on your wonderful win! Margie's hooked rug is so awesome, can't wait to see how you display it. Do you do rug hooking? I have it on many list of many to try and learn someday. Awww poor Gretchen, she looks like a sweety....wishing you a wonderful weekend. :) Hugssss Mary

Hillcresthome Prims said...


Hillcresthome Prims said...

Hi Jen, The hello is to see if I could post and it went through, WOOOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOO, can you tell I am a HAPPY camper.
Gretchen is my other girl besides our Marissa, Miss Priss as we call her!!! Gretchen and Marissa are BOTH MISS PRISS'S!!!
Guve Gretchen a kiss for me because when we talk on the phone she has alot to say sometime, just like us girls!!!!!LOL!!!!!

Love you my friend,
Tricia XOXOX!!!!!!!