Saturday, June 18, 2011

Only a few hours left to enter .

Good evening to all !  I just wanted to remind everyone that my giveaway will be closing  at midnight (central) tonight.So if you haven't entered yet and would like to, you still have time. I will post the winner after church tomorrow. It has been a long day.  Our internet has been down all day  , and I have missed checking in with everyone . I  should have gotten much more accomplished today but it didn't happen.  LOL! 

We had plans to work in the yard today but the weather just did not permit  it.We woke to thunder ,lighting,and a downpour  but I am not going to complain because we were in need of rain. It is my hope to make my yard larger to give more room for flowers and to have a small fish pond .Shhhhh! Don't tell hubby though about the pond. I would love to have a butterfly garden but need to research the best plants for it .An herb garden is  something I have wanted for years and it is in the planning stage.I have gotten some really great inspiration by visiting everyone's  blo

While visiting  some of your blogs I have noticed that you are decorating with dried yarrow.  I really like the way it looks in your displays . I have yarrow planted already and would love to dry it but to be honest I don't know how to get started .Could someone please give me a few tips? I would really appreciate any help.

Well I wish you all a wonderful evening and a peaceful rest till tomorrow. Blessings and hugs,Jen


TheCrankyCrow said...

Hello Jen-

I've dried yarrow once only - and I guess it worked ok - I just cut it, then tied the stalks together and hung it upside down from a beam....I don't know that that is the 'right' way, but it seemed to work for me....
Can't wait for your wonderful giveaway!! (PS - did you do those wonderful colonial prints that Trish from Hillcrest Prims had on her site???) Have a blessed Sunday ~ Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

jennifer said...

My new found friend you have passed me up in followers yay for you:)

roseyred said...

I hope I am not to late for your giveaway.please add me to the entry.

Anonymous said...

I had yarrow planted at our old place and I too just cut it and hung to dry in a cool place. They last a long time when dried. An herb garden is fun for cooking and you could put a container garden in your kitchen for easy access. Our local greenhouse puts them together in a large shallow clay pot and I sat mine on the counter. Smells good too. Good luck with the yarrow and the herbs.
Country at heart

Shirlee said...

Hi Jen! I also woke to storms & rain yesterday morning & likewise this morning. I don't think I live all that far from you (I'm in central KY) so you might be getting a downpour this morning as well. You are right though ... we need it. Excited to hear that you are planning a butterfly garden! It's not difficult to find plants for it. They do, in fact, like yarrows! I didn't know you could dry those so I'm going to give it a try when mine grow. Anyway, most nurseries will have a little sign that tells you something about the plants (or the plants will come with a little tag) & they'll say something about hummingbirds or butterflies liking them. That's how I picked mine. Also did some searching on Google. If you have any questions, just ask : ) Blessings to you my friend ... Shirlee

Deppen homestead 1862 said...

Oh, the pond & a butterfly garden~ sounds beautiful!!!
My sister drys~ she just clips them in the fall~ hangs them in an old chicken house to dry~ by frost she has the entire thing filled with dried flowers~The aroma of sweet annie fills the building! LOL
Try it~ I think it will look great with displays!!!

Mary said...

Good morning Jen, sent you an email about preserving your Yarrow.I hope you get it. Enjoy your day!
Hugs Mary