Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Happy Birthday to Hubby !

Warning >slightly picture heavy !

Today is my hubby's birthday and I want to wish him the best day possible .I will be making him his favorite meal of pinto beans,cornbread and fried potatoes.Not my favorite ,but it is his birthday. LOL!  He has work today so we will be doing something together over the weekend.We haven't decided on a game plan yet ,but we  will  think of something I am sure. Just going for a drive together and enjoying the scenery is a favorite way of spending our time.  Happy Birthday  Sweetie!

I wanted something patriotic for my dining room but couldn't find anything that really suited me locally .So I decided to try  and make something . Here is what I have came up with so far.I am not crazy about it but it will do in a pinch.I used a few odds and ends that were lying around home to make it.I still need to add a flag to the center  .

 And here it is sitting in my trencher on my dining room table.

I have also been admiring all the wonderful bonnets that you ladies have been displaying so I thought I'd try   making one.First I will tell you I can sew ,just not real well. I would love to be able to sew as well as my momma but it probably isn't ever gonna happen. Lets just say that a few prayers for patience and forgiveness for my cross tongue have been said the last  few days .LOL! I am going to share my endeavors with you so remember I am making the pattern out as I go and learning by my many mistakes. I have one bonnet that I used as a visual  reference but I sketched my own pattern.Why must I be so stubborn? It would be so much easier to buy a stupid pattern .But oh no,I have to declare that I will figure it out ,or run out of fabric trying to get it right.I have always been this way ,never one to bend once I set my mind to the task at hand .I have always thought that if someone else can do it then I should also be able to do it .My goodness but that has gotten me into trouble a time or two.LOL ! Good thing primitive doesn't have to be perfect.

A short style bonnet.

Here are the longer ones that I made the past few days. This is not where they will be staying .

I really like  the striped bonnet and I used it to make this display this morning.

 Well I am sure that I have bored you long enough so I will sign off  for now .I just want to leave you with this thought ...Your dreams are only as good as your ambition .Blessings,Jen


Anonymous said...

A happy birthday to the hubs. My hubs is a meat and potatoes kind of guy too. My hubs would eat beans and cornbread everyday If I let him. Not hard to please at all in the cooking department. Thank goodness, cause I hate to cook. I love your bonnets you made. I too sew and am stubborn about purchasing a pattern when I think I can do it without one. I think yours turned out great. I also love the flag display. I am working on one kinda like that for my dining room table for the 4th of july.
Looks like we have some things in common, LOL.
Country at heart

Deppen homestead 1862 said...

Happy~ happy Birthday to Hubby!!!
The red ticking bonnet is my fav~ I say you are doing an excellent job making them!! Pretties!!
Enjoy the summer day

Barb said...

Hi Jennifer,
Happy Day to your hubby!
Love your bonnets!
Thanks for coming by my blog to play!
Enjoy your day,

Hillcresthome Prims said...

Jen, Happy Birhtday to your Hubby.
I LOVE the center piece of the flags you did an AWESOME job and an AWESOME job on your beautiful bonnets!

I loved the last picture of your summertime display with the bonnet, white chair and the flowers with the strawberries, DROOLING!!

Hugs, Tricia

Tam said...

I would love to be brave and attempt a bonnet, but noway (even with a pattern) yours look great.

Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

Hi, Jen,Love the centerpiece. I haven't gotten in the holiday mood yet. While I love Americana, I don't really care for the whole fireworks thing.
My hubby's bday was Saturday. My hubby was 58. Happy birthday to your hubby.
Love-love-love your bonnets! Especially the red and the red striped. You did very well without a pattern! You underestimate your talent! Maybe I should send you some fabric!

Angela said...

Hi Jen, Happy Birthday to your hubby. He knows I'm kinda fond of him, He made me a winner! (giggle) Love your patriotic display. You did a great job. And the bonnets are awesome. I can sew a very little but always have to have a pattern. And sometime still I can't get it thru my head!! You have done wonderful.
Pinto beans..... your hubby and mine would get along great!! I HATE them. But do cook them for Mr. P. Won't eat beans in my chili or the refried beans in mexican dishes. But the rest sounds wonderful. Have a great evening.

Vicki said...

Happy Birthday to your hubby! His dinner sounds wonderful to me. I love beans and cornbread. Hope you
have a nice evening...Thank You for the sweet comment you left about my mother...

TheCrankyCrow said...

Happiest of birthdays to your dear hubby!! I spare him the tune. ;o) Beans and cornbread? Really?? Wow - you all eat kinda funny stuff down there, hey? ;o) Love your little flag make-do - and your sweet bonnets! Your fabric choices are yummy!! I dunno 'bout you girls who can just say I'm gonna make me a bonnet SANS pattern! Yikes! I'd probably end up with a cloak or something - and I used to sew A LOT!! Kuddos to you my friend!! Have a great evening....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

Mary said...

Happy Birthday Jen's Hubby! Gosh Jen, you did an excellent job on your bonnetts.....way to go girl!Especially without a pattern, no less, I agree with Linda, you underestimate your tallent, not to many gals could do what you just accomplished. I love your little center piece also and I love your pic. with the chair and pro looking! Great job! Hugssss Mary

Debra said...

Love those bonnets!!

Faye Henry said...

Hi.. Happy Birthday to your hubby... I love your bonnets and your blog is wonderful, too..